Study Abroad

The Cummings School of Architecture offers undergraduate and graduate semester, winter/summer, and short-term study abroad opportunities. We also are involved in exchange relationships with global partner universities and firms that bring students, visiting critics and visiting faculty to the school, and vice versa.

Undergraduate semester programs are based in Florence at the Institute for Fine and Liberal Arts at Palazzo Rucellai, where all Cummings School of Architecture majors can study during their junior or senior year.  Starting in the Fall of 2015, undergraduate architecture students may also study for a semester at the Barcelona Architecture Center. The School offers graduate study abroad and exchanges in architecture with the leading universities in major cities around the world through our Global Partners Program, including the Barcelona Architecture Center in Spain and Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.

Graduate Study Abroad in Architecture includes internship placements with architecture offices in each location.

Three-week Winter and Summer study abroad programs are available for undergraduate and graduate students in Architecture, Art and Architectural History and Sustainability Studies in altrernating years in multiple locations.

Faculty periodically lead shorter study trips to other national and international sites as part of regularly scheduled coursework. Recent destinations have included Chicago, Washington, DC, Madrid, Masdar, Barcelona, Mexico City, Athens, Paris, Egypt and Istanbul.