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Racism Stops With Me graphic in RWU colors
RWU is Establishing a Common Understanding of Racism, Equity, Inclusion & Bias Prevention

The Roger Pledge: 

Sign the Roger Pledge to join individuals and teams across RWU who are committing to calling out racism and bias, and making the University a place where every member of our community feels a sense of belonging and can thrive.


As of January 2022, RWU has enhanced its new employee onboarding experience to be a full year of support and learning opportunities. All new hires will engage in an "Unconscious Bias" training at the three-month mark of their RWU employment timeline. 

Reporting bias incidents enables the university to support those affected, track bias incidents, collect aggregate data, and to investigate and respond as appropriate

  • February 15: Faculty & Staff Kickoff to RWU's Antiracism Campaign
    More than 180 faculty and staff participated either in-person or virtually. Members of the RWU community can access the session here via Bridges.

  • February 16-22Institutional Leaders and selected members of the Board of Trustees will participate in brand-new DEI module, "Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging for Leaders" as part of the University's commitment to making DEI a priority at all levels.
  • February 28: All Juniors will be required to participate in an EVERFI booster course, "Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging: Tools for Allyship," part of a longer-term strategy to have every student participate in mandatory DEI/bias trainings. This additional booster course builds from the initial diversity training that all incoming first-year students currently participate in.
  • April 14 and May 5Register to become an RWU Search Advocate. Search will serve as process advisors to search committees, with an eye toward bias reduction and equity. Search advocacy will replace the equity ambassador program and is designed to consolidate some of our current practices, while creating greater transparency and consistency throughout the search process. The new search advocacy training will be available to all RWU employees who serve in a supervisory capacity.

February 15-25, 2022: The DLE was open to all undergrad students, who received their own individual link to the survey.

The shift towards becoming an antiracist campus begins with a firm understanding of the current student experience.

The Diverse Learning Environments Survey is an opportunity for all students to share their thoughts about the campus climate. The survey will allow us to better understand the concerns of students with different social identities included race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability/disability status, veterans and more. 

  • Evaluate the campus climate – DLE is designed to include measures that specifically focus on aspects related to the climate for diversity, including experiences with discrimination, cross-racial interactions, validation and sense of belonging.
  • Collect information about institutional practices  The survey focuses on connecting diversity efforts with campus practices, including items related to a curriculum of inclusion, student support services and co-curricular diversity activities.
  • Assess baseline strengths, identify areas for improvement, and track progress related to diversity efforts – DLE provides a snapshot of the campus climate, institutional practices, and student outcomes that can be used for campus diversity improvement efforts.

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