Authorized Parking Areas

Permit Assignments

  • Resident Students: Assigned orange permits (prefix 25RS) for Lots A, B, E, F, & G.
  • Non-Resident Commuter Students: Issued green permits (prefix 25CS) for Lots A, B, C, and H.
  • Law School and Graduate Students: Provided silver permits (prefix 25GS) for Lots A, B, C, D and H.

Parking Regulations

  • Violators parked outside designated areas will be ticketed and/or towed at their expense.
  • Short-term parking in Lot F (between Seabreeze and Tidewater) and other designated areas is restricted.

Guest Parking

  • Guests must apply for a pass online via the student Hawklinks account and picked up at Public Safety Main Entrance or Public Safety Headquarters.
  • Pass must be authorized by the students Community Director.
  • Guests must park in the parking garage in North Campus (Lot A). Violations will result in fines or loss of privileges.

Motorcycle Parking

  • Park in designated areas in Lots 3, D, or G or in any regulation spot in the students permit designated lots.
  • Violators fined $30.00 and/or towed.

Load/Unload Pass

  • Get a 20-minute load/unload pass from Public Safety Main Entrance or Public Safety Headquarters.
  • Available 24/7. Violators may be ticketed upon appeal.

Handicap Parking

  • Designated spaces available for those with state-issued handicap placards.
  • Unauthorized cars fined $100.00 and/or towed. Fraudulent use results in a hearing with Student Conduct.

Courtesy Transports

  • Available for medical necessity.
  • Notify Public Safety in writing or via email.

Temporary Parking Passes

  • Available at the Parking and Transportation office or Public Safety Headquarters.
  • Free for authorized students using another vehicle temporarily. $10.00 per week for non-permit holders.

Dangerous or Hazardous Situations

  • Notify Public Safety immediately if vehicle becomes disabled.
  • Towed at owner/operator expense if causing a dangerous situation.

Winter Parking Ban Policy

  • The Winter Parking Ban (WPB) is implemented due to the unpredictable weather in New England. It begins with the first "declared" snowstorm in November or automatically on December 1 and lasts from midnight to 7 AM until March 31 of the following year. Violating this ban results in ticketing and/or towing, with a fine of $100.00 assessed to the owner/operator's account.

Normal Winter Parking Ban (NWPB) Implications for Student Parking

  • During the NWPB, from midnight to 7 AM until March 31, overnight student parking is allowed only in On-Campus Resident parking lots/spaces (Orange Permit required), A or B Lot (near Parking Garage), or the first or second level of the Parking Garage.

Extended Winter Parking Ban (EWPB) Implications for Student Parking

  • If there's an expected snow emergency, an EWPB may be enforced from midnight to 7 AM, or extended as needed. During the EWPB, overnight student parking is permitted only in On-Campus Resident parking lots/spaces (Orange Permit required) like Lots C (near Bayside), Lot A (near Parking Garage), and the first and second level of the Parking Garage. Parking is prohibited in Lot G (near Stonewall and Willow Residence Halls) and Lots E & F (near Bayside Circle).

Prohibited Overnight Parking Lots or Spaces

  • Students are not allowed to park overnight in Faculty, Staff, or Visitor parking lots/spaces, Inner Campus non-resident parking spaces, Lot H (Commuter or Lower Ferry Road Parking Lot), Lot D (North Lot or Law Student Parking Lot), or the Parking Garage roof deck or third level during the WPB (NWPB or EWPB).

Overnight Parking for Commuter or Graduate Students, Resident Commuters, Law Students, or Visitors

  • During the WPB, overnight parking on the main campus is only allowed in the first or second level of the Parking Garage, then in A, B, or C Lots.

Leaving Vehicles on Campus during Break Periods or any Extended Time during the WPB

  • Any permitted or registered vehicle left on campus for an extended period during the WPB must be parked in the first or second level of the Parking Garage and registered with the Department of Public Safety. This includes Athletic Teams, Students, Faculty, or Staff traveling during the WPB.

Parking Limitations

  • Director of Public Safety may impose temporary parking limitations during special events or emergencies.
  • Information may be announced via various channels or call extension 4400 for details.
  • Parking Map Available for download/viewing for reference.