Authorized Parking Areas

Please read the following information carefully. Authorized parking areas are based on the permit color assigned to each vehicle. The following guidance is provided:

  • All students living in University Housing are considered Resident students.  This includes: Almeida, Baypoint, Bayside, Cedar, Maple, North Campus Residence Hall, Stonewall and Willow Halls.  Residents will be issued orange permits (prefix 22RS) and assigned parking in Lots A including Parking Garage beyond the Performing Arts Annex, B, E, F, & G,
  • Non-resident (those not living on University owned property) commuter students will be issued a green permit (prefix 22CS) and assigned parking in lots A including Parking Garage, B, C and H. 
  • Law School and Graduate students will be issued silver permits (prefix 22GS) for lots A including Parking Garage, B, C or D.
  • Violators who park in other than the designated area will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner/operator's expense.
  • The three, half hour parking spaces in Lot F between Seabreeze and Tidewater, three spaces across from the Center for Student Development and the 10 spaces across from the Dining Commons are restricted to short term parking.  Students with a valid RWU permit are authorized to use these spaces, but must adhere to the time limitations.
  • Download/View an enlarged version of the Campus Parking Map
  • No guarantee is made or implied as to the availability of any particular parking spot. Parking is on a first come, first serve basis. **

Parking Permits 

No guarantee is made or implied as to the availability of any particular parking spot.Parking is on a first come, first serve basis. **

LotPermit ColorDescription
A/PGAny Color, GuestParking Deck, North of Performing Arts Annex (except for the right side of the 1st floor of the parking garage reserved for Faculty and Staff)
BAny Color, GuestSmall lot in front of Performing Arts Annex (Row closest to tennis courts is reserved for Faculty and Staff)
CGreen/Silver/Red/BlueUpper and Lower lots across from the tennis courts

North Lot surrounding North Campus Residence Hall(except front row along tree line facing Metacom Ave and west front corner reserved for Faculty and Staff)

EOrange/Red/BlueBayside Whitecap
FOrange/Red/BlueBetween Bayside Tidewater and Seabreeze (limited to 30 minutes between 7A-5P)


GOrange/Red/BlueIn Front of Willow 5, 4, 2 & 1

Bottom of Old Ferry Road  (Row along Old Ferry Road and top of lot designated for Staff Only)

ALMAny ColorEntire Almeida Complex.  Vehicles must have a valid permit
BPAny ColorEntire Baypoint area. Vehicles must have a valid permit

** Subject to change without notice

Students who change residence halls must update their information to allow access to the lots assigned for their new living area.

Resident freshmen students are not authorized to have or operate vehicles on campus at anytime. All first year resident students are considered freshmen regardless of academic standing. Vehicles belonging to or operated by resident freshmen students that approach the main gates or attempt to enter campus will be considered in violation of this policy. Additionally, vehicles belonging to resident freshmen students that are parked on campus will be considered in violation of this policy. Freshman being held in violation will be cited each time found on campus for $100.00.

Freshmen who receive more than four(4) parking tickets will be denied parking privileges in the future.

Guest Parking 

  • Step #1 -Apply for your Guest Pass online. Students who are planning to have Guest(s) visit must apply for a Guest Pass form online.
  • Step #2 - Have the Guest Pass Authorized at the Public Safety Welcome Booth at the Main Gate.
    Print out the guest pass form and take it, along with your RWU Student ID Card to the Public Safety Welcome Booth at the main gate. A Public Safety Officer will stamp, initial and date the pass.
  • Step #3 - Guest Check In
    When the visiting guest arrives they must stop at the Public Safety Welcome Booth where they will be directed to wait for the host student's arrival to meet with them.

    All guests are required to park in the parking garage upper level located in North Campus (A-Lot). Any violations of this policy will result in fines or possible loss of privileges.

Motorcycle Parking 

Motorcycles, mopeds and other motorized vehicles with fewer than four (4) wheels shall be parked in designated areas in Lots 3, D or G, and at Almeida or in any regulation spot. Violators may be ticketed with a fine of $30.00 and/or towed at owner/operator expense.

Load/Unload Pass 

The Student Affairs Committee and the Department of Public Safety understand that parking is sometimes difficult on campus and it is occasionally necessary to load or unload belongings to and from a vehicle. In order to prevent ticketing at these times and denial upon an appeal, students must get a 20 minute load/unload pass at Public Safety Headquarters. Load/unload passes are available 24 hours a day from Public Safety Headquarters located behind the Parking garage.  Alternatively you can pick one up during Parking Office hours Monday thru Friday 8:30A-4P located at the building directly behind the fountains at the main entrance of the University.  You may contact Public Safety at the non-emergency number (401-254-3611) if no one is at the after hours.  Students are reminded that while Public Safety Officers are friendly and helpful, there are some circumstances that prevent them from issuing a temporary pass, i.e. when a freshman car is brought on campus.

Handicap Parking 

Throughout the campus there are designated handicapped parking spaces available for students, employees, or visitors requiring handicapped parking. Students and Staff having a state issued handicap placard must register it with the Parking and Transportation Office.

Once a handicap permit is registered and verified the student may park in any regulation parking space available. A certified handicapped parking permit issued by the state in which the motor vehicle is registered is required, in addition to a parking permit or visitor pass, for handicapped parking on campus.

All unauthorized cars will be ticketed with a fine of $100.00 and/or towed at owner/operator expense. In addition, anyone fraudulently using a handicap placard or plate will be subjected to a hearing with the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards. Note: This violation does not qualify for an appeal. The Department of Public Safety cannot authorize parking in a handicapped parking space.

Courtesy Transports 

Courtesy transports are available for students and staff members who have a medical necessity. Students and staff members needing courtesy transports must notify the Department of Public Safety in writing and can do so via email to Courtesy transports may either be by University Shuttle or a Public Safety patrol vehicle. Courtesy transports will be available to and from class, as well as, to his/her vehicle. Students staff members are still required to park in their designated lot.

Students and staff members wishing a ride from the parking lot to elsewhere on campus or vice versa must utilize the University Shuttle during its operating hours. Public Safety may not provide rides after hours. It is the student's and staff members responsibility to arrange for transportation after the shuttle hours.

Temporary Parking Passes 

Temporary Parking Passes may be obtained at Public Safety Headquarters on an individual basis. Students who are authorized and purchased a permit but are using another vehicle on a short-term basis must get a temporary permit free of charge. Those students authorized who did not wish to buy a permit but need a vehicle for the short term will be charged $10.00 per week for the temporary parking pass.  Temporary passes are available 24 hours a day to authorized eligible students.  

Students who, on occasion, drive a vehicle that has a permit assigned to either a faculty or staff member, must obtain a temporary pass for parking in an area authorized for that student. This procedure is to allow students who are using a parent's vehicle to have the same privilege as other students of the same status. Resident students who are employed by the University will not be issued staff permits. Students may not obtain a permit for a vehicle that is registered to another student or another student's family/guardian.

Dangerous or Hazardous Situations 

If a student or guest's vehicle becomes disabled for any reason (i.e. mechanical failure, flat tire or injury rendering the operator unable to drive) the owner/operator must notify Public Safety immediately. The owner/operator is responsible for having the vehicle moved or towed as soon as possible.

Public Safety reserves the right to have a vehicle towed at the owner/operator expense if the vehicle is leaking fluids or causing a dangerous situation. Any motor vehicle parked on Roger Williams University property that causes a dangerous or hazardous situation or requires removal due to University authorized parking ban will be towed at owner/operator expense if the owner cannot be notified in a reasonable and timely manner.

Winter Parking Ban Policy 

Due to the prospect of fast-changing weather in New England; a Winter Parking Ban (WPB) is essential for efficient and timely snow removal and for the University to conduct its important daily mission. The WPB will begin at the first "declared" snowstorm in November or automatically on December 1 and runs nightly from midnight to 7 AM and will remain in effect until March 31 of the following year. Violation of the Winter Parking Ban Policy will result in ticketing and or towing. A fine of $100.00 for parking during a parking ban will be assessed to the owner/operators account.

Normal Winter Parking Ban (NWPB) Implications for Student Parking:
Once the NWPB begins, it will operate nightly, from midnight to 7 AM until March 31. During the NWPB, overnight student parking is authorized only in On-Campus Resident parking lots or spaces (Orange Permit required), A or B Lot (near Parking Garage) and or the first or second level of the Parking Garage. 

Extended Winter Parking Ban (EWPB) Implications for Student Parking:
Once the WBP begins, and there is an expected snow emergency, a EWPB may be placed in effect from midnight to 7 AM or hours extended as needed for the expected snow emergency. During the EWPB, overnight student parking is authorized only in the following On-Campus Resident parking lots or spaces (Orange Permit required): Lots C  (near Bayside and located off North Campus Road), Lot A (near Parking Garage) and the first and second level of the Parking Garage. During the EWPB parking is prohibited in the On-Campus Resident Parking Lots in the vicinity of Stonewall and Willow Residence Halls (Lot G) and in the vicinity of Bayside Circle (Lots E & F).

Prohibited Overnight Parking Lots or Spaces
During the WPB (NWPB or EWPB) students are prohibited parking in any Faculty, Staff or Visitor parking lot or spaces , Inner Campus non-resident parking spaces, Lot H (Commuter or Lower Ferry Road Parking Lot), Lot D (North Lot or Law Student Parking Lot), and the Parking Garage roof deck or third level.

Overnight Parking for Commuter or Graduate Students (Green Permits), Resident Commuters (Orange Permits), Law Students (Silver Permits) or Visitors (Yellow Permits):
Once the WPB begins, any overnight parking on the main campus by Commuter or Graduate Students, Resident Commuters, Law Students or Visitors shall be in the first or second level of the Parking Garage and then A, B or C Lots.

Leaving Vehicles on Campus during Break Periods or any Extended Time during the WPB:
Any permitted or registered vehicle left on campus during the WPB for any extended period (more than one day or during winter or spring break periods) must be parked in the first or second level of the Parking Garage and registered with the Department of Public Safety. This policy includes, Athletic Teams, Students, Faculty or Staff and who are traveling during the WPB.

Parking Limitations 

During special events and in emergencies, the Director of Public Safety may temporarily impose parking limitations. These limitations may or may not be announced via University-wide email, voicemail, radio (WQRI 88.3 FM) and signs placed at the entrance into the campus. Students may also call extension 4400 for information.

Any motor vehicle that requires removal due to an unforeseen circumstance (i.e. facilities needs access to a building or a maintenance emergency) will be towed at no expense if the owner cannot be notified.