Crime Prevention

Roger Williams University continually promotes and sponsors programs designed to educate students and staff regarding campus crime prevention and safety. These programs encourage personal safety first and emphasize interaction and communication to enhance the Department of Public Safety’s community policing approach to campus safety. The Campus Crime Prevention Officer reports directly to the Director and Associate Director of Public Safety.

  • The University has established a Safety Committee to assist in reviewing, recommending and implementing policies, procedures and practices to promote campus safety. The committee reviews such things as lighting surveys and occupational safety hazards.
  • First year students are provided a security orientation program as well as material advising them of precautions to help avoid becoming a victim of crime on or off campus.
  • Staff and faculty members are provided with public safety information at new employee orientation, held once monthly.
  • Crime prevention information, and personal safety programs are presented throughout the year as a means to promote an overall and ongoing public safety awareness campaign.
  • Crime Prevention Officer Amanda Tracy can be reached at the following numbers: