Report Suspicious Activity

Roger Williams University strongly encourages the prompt and accurate reporting of all criminal activity, suspicious behavior or emergencies occurring on RWU property by calling the Department of Public Safety (DPS) at (401) 254-3333 (emergency) or (401) 254-3611 (non-emergency) or in person, by visiting the DPS office in North Campus (building to the right of the Parking Garage in Lot A). Reporting crimes aids DPS in providing prompt response, mitigate future criminal activity to persons/property and issuing timely warning notices to the community if imminent or ongoing threat continues. It should be noted that when using a cell phone to call the DPS, callers should dial (401) 254-3333, as dialing 911 directly will route them to an outside police agency. If you should be routed to an outside police department, you need to advise them of your specific location at RWU so that they may dispatch that information to the DPS.
There are emergency telephone locations throughout the campus designated by blue lights for easy identification at night. Simply press the button to activate. They are directly connected to the DPS Dispatch Center, which is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The location of the activated telephone is automatically identified to the DPS Dispatch Officer. When calling, provide the Dispatch

  • Your identity
  • Is medical attention needed
  • What is the nature of your call
  • When the event occurred

The DPS responds to all reports of criminal activity or suspicious behavior occurring on its campus. In response to a report, the DPS will dispatch an officer to initiate an incident report. A Shift Commander reviews the report and makes a recommendation for follow up investigation if deemed necessary. DPS incident reports along with follow up information obtained through the investigation are forwarded to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution for potential disciplinary action, as appropriate. Crimes or other incidents that violate university policy can be reported by using the following procedures:

  • Call Public Safety at (401) 254-3333 (emergency) or (401) 254-3611 (non-emergency) or in person, by visiting the DPS office in North Campus (building to the right of the Parking Garage in Lot A).
  • Confidential and/or anonymous reporting form located on the RWU website 
  • Rave Guardian is a campus safety app available at the University that turns your smart phone into a personal safety device. The free app, available for both iPhone and Android smartphones, allows users to check in with family, friends, Public Safety or others you trust to help you stay safe. You can use the app to set a safety timer, create and message your guardians or initiate emergency help requests at the push of a button. Rave Guardian can be used to send an anonymous tip to Public Safety if you see something on campus that looks out of place or dangerous. Find complete details and download instructions at the Rave Guardian resource webpage.
  • Crime Prevention Tipline/Email: (401)  254-3212