Security & Safety Procedures

The primary goal of the Roger Williams University Department of Public Safety is to maintain a safe and secure campus for all students, faculty, staff and visitors. Members of the University community have a number of opportunities to learn about campus security procedures and the prevention of crimes.

The Department of Public Safety works closely with various student organizations, administrative offices and the Department of Student Life to maintain a secure environment and encourages all students, employees and visitors to be responsible for their own security and safety.

It is the policy of Roger Williams University to encourage all members of the University community to immediately report all criminal acts, suspicious circumstances/persons and all emergencies to the Public Safety Office located at the campus main entrance.

Reporting Crimes

Reporting may be done in person; by telephone from on-campus phones (CAMPUS HOUSE PHONES ONLY) by dialing 4357 "HELP"; by telephone from off-campus phones by dialing 254-3611; by activating any "Blue Light" phone located on campus property; or by reporting the incident to any uniformed Public Safety Officer.

The Department provides highly visible uniformed security patrols in marked vehicles, on bicycles and on foot. These patrols maintain communication with the Public Safety Office by radio. Criminal actions may also be reported to any professional staff member within the Center for Student Development, including the Office of Judicial Affairs, Department of Student Life, Department of Health Services and the Department of Counseling. Victims of crimes are encouraged to report these matters to the police.

Crime Prevention

The Department of Public Safety makes every effort to prevent crime and maintain order throughout the campus. Officers do not carry firearms nor do they possess powers of arrest, but have the ability to request an immediate response of fire apparatus, rescue vehicles or police as warranted by the situation.

Department personnel work closely with and assist the police whenever a serious incident occurs, or when an arrest on campus is warranted. Incidents requiring Public Safety Officer and/or Police Officer response may result in criminal charges, University judicial action, or both.

In addition to maintaining a close relationship with local law enforcement agencies related to incidents occurring on campus, the Department of Public Safety maintains routine contact with these agencies regarding activities off campus that could adversely affect the University and its community. Also, frequent dialogue is maintained with other college and university Security and Public Safety Departments regarding matters of mutual interest.