Spiritual Life

The University’s long-term commitment to support diversity on campus extends to spiritual life, recognizing that religious diversity enriches academic inquiry. To that end, RWU has in residence a University Multifaith Chaplain and affiliated chaplains from the Jewish, Catholic, Protestant and Islamic traditions. This group works to accomplish three crucial goals: access to pastoral care for students, staff and faculty; support for programming in various religious traditions; and enrichment of interfaith life on campus.

In addition to the Spiritual Life Program, many local churches, synagogues, mosques and meditation centers welcome students from RWU.

Faith and Spirituality at the Core of the RWU Experience

The Spiritual Life Program supports the Core Values of the University in the following ways:

  • Nurturing the spiritual, faith and ethical values of students on campus.
  • Working in concert with RWU’s academic and student services to undergird the development of students as whole persons.
  • Offering pastoral care to students, faculty and staff in moments of critical life situations.
  • Engendering among students the value of outreach and service to the community.
  • Teaching about various faith traditions and challenging individuals to seek truth in their studies and life practices.
  • Creating opportunities to engage in serious dialogue across faiths and ethical belief systems through the promotion of safe, open and understanding environments.

To learn more about the Spiritual Life Program, please contact the University Multifaith Chaplain at nsoukup@rwu.edu for more information.