Traveling in the U.S. or Abroad

Travel Planning

When making any travel plans, please observe the academic calendar and housing opening and closing dates. Public Safety offers shuttle service during major university openings and closings. You must sign up for this service. Special requests for transportation outside of the posted times will not be possible.

International Travel

When entering the United States for the first time, you will need a valid passport, an F-1/J-1 visa stamp that matches the university on your I-20/DS-2019, Form I-20 (or DS-2019 for exchange visitors) and evidence of the financial support listed in #8 of the I-20 (or #5 of the DS-2019). When re-entering the United Sates after time abroad, you will need the previous documents and a valid travel signature from your international student advisor. The travel signature is on page 3 of the I-20 and page 1 of the DS-2019. It is valid for one year. If you need a new travel signature, come by the Intercultural Center with your I-20/DS-2019 and passport to receive one. No signatures will be given without an accompanying passport. Travel situations are constantly changing, and you are advised to contact the Intercultural Center before you make any travel plans.

Domestic Travel

Even when traveling domestically, it is a good idea to carry all of your original documents with you (passport, I-20/DS-2019). If you will be traveling near any international border or on a plane be prepared to show these documents.


If your dependents will be joining you in the United States, they will need their own separate dependent documents. They may travel with you or by themselves, but they should carry all of their documents if they will be traveling internationally.

Canadian Citizens

Canadian citizens do not need a visa stamp in their passports to enter the United States. They will still need to carry all other documents (passport, Form I-20 or DS-2019 and financial documents).

For More Information

Contact the Intercultural Center at extension 3121. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has prepared a helpful list of frequently asked questions for F-1 students, which is available at