Addressing Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is used to describe the state of being without reliable access to sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. We have introduced programming to support students who may experience food insecurity:  Swipe It Forward.  This program is one way RWU is committed to helping students thrive here and is in keeping with our values of social justice and equity.

Swipe it Forward

The Swipe it Forward Program was developed during the 2018-19 academic year to support students who may have difficulty finding access to sufficient, affordable, nutritious food.  Student Life and the Intercultural Center want to remind you about this valuable resource which supports our students’ well-being.  Students on the meal plan can donate one guest pass and one block per semester for use by a student who expresses need.  Any "gifted" meal blocks and guest pass will be removed from the donating student's account and added to a "donation account" where it will be available for approval requests throughout the academic year. 

Donate a Meal

To request a block of meals, please email your confidential request to Director of Student and Family Assistance Debbie Knapman, at, or Director for Student Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Michael Walsh at  Please include your student ID # and name.