Addressing Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is used to describe the state of being without reliable access to sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. We’ve initiated two programs to support of students who may experience food insecurity: Swipe It Forward and the Community Food Sharing Program.

Swipe It Forward

The Swipe It Forward program was developed to allow board plan students to donate one guest pass meal per semester to fellow students in need. Gifted guest passes will be removed from the students account and added to a “donation account” where they will be available for approved requests throughout the academic year. You can donate a guest pass through Hawk Link here.

To request a meal, please email your confidential request to the Director of Student and Family Assistance, Renee Danho, at Please include your student ID # and name, you will receive a reply within 1 business day.
Food Recovery Network at RWU

In union with the Roger Williams Food Recovery Network, leftover dishes after dinner in the Upper Commons are packaged for various community shelters as well as our own food pantry. The food pantry cooler – located in the Lower Commons – is a location where students in need of a meal can discretely take a recovered meal. The pantry cooler is available from 8:30 a.m. to close, prior to the Lower Commons opening; students may enter through the side entrance of Lower to access the self-service cooler.