Sports Medicine Department Work Study

Job Description

Here in the Sports Medicine Department we are looking for motivated individuals who are willing to help with many different tasks that are valuable to ensuring that the Sports Medicine Department runs as smoothly as possible. We believe that education of both the staff and student workers is paramount in order to provide the best experience and service to our student athletes. Student workers are preferred, but not required to be First Aid and CPR/AED certified. Duties of this position will include, set out daily treatment log, fill/clean whirlpool, drop off/ pick up laundry, fold laundry, fill water bottles/coolers, setup athletic fields for practice, restock supplies, clean and organize rehab area/equipment, maintain the front desk while ensuring athletes sign in/out, filling, shredding, mailing, faxing. Student workers will also be given the opportunity to work alongside and assist Certified Athletic Trainer’s during home contests. Tasks include ensuring athletes have adequate water, activating EMS based upon our emergency action plan (EAP), and any other tasks the Athletic Trainer may need assistance with. Student workers are expected to be made available for the entire length of the sporting event.  This includes pre-game preparations (water, field set up etc.) and post-game clean up. Certain aspects of job may include lifting 10 gallon jugs of water, but this is not required. At no point of this job are you required to clean up any type of blood borne pathogens.

Special Skills Needed:
Preferred First but not required:
Aid and CPR/AED Certified
Able to work nights and weekends


*Students are prohibited from driving during work study employment with the limited exception of authorized work study driver positions.

Starting Date

Department Information

Contact Name

Cory Viveiros, MS, ATC, LAT, ITAT, CES, CSS


Sports Medicine/ Athletics

Phone Number

(401) 254-3319