Shellfish Laboratory Assistant

Job Description

The RWU Shellfish Hatchery is seeking to fill several positions for the 2017 – 2018 academic-year to assist with shellfish seed production. Applicants should enjoy physical indoor and outdoor work and have an interest in marine science, shellfish biology and aquaculture. The RWU Shellfish Hatchery (room 110) is located on the ground floor of the Marine and Natural Science Building overlooking Mount Hope Bay and utilizes flowing sea water pumped directly from the bay to culture shellfish and algae. Lab assistants will work closely with RWU Shellfish Hatchery Manager Rob Hudson and other RWU researchers and students. Lab assistants will be responsible for maintaining phytoplankton cultures, conditioning and spawning broodstock shellfish, and culturing larval and juvenile hard clams, bay scallops and oysters. Also, lab assistants will help with the maintenance of the hatchery, greenhouse, courtyard, dock and nursery upweller & downweller systems, and nursery physical plants including seawater and air delivery systems. Assistants are expected to assist with tour groups. Applicants should be reliable and prepared for methodical and detail oriented tasks and have some familiarity with boats, carpentry and plumbing skills - all assets to this position. The work is physically demanding with a large amount of cleaning tasks but will provide a comprehensive hands-on training experience in hatchery and field culture of shellfish. This is a great learning experience! During the 2017 – 2018 academic-year the RWU hatchery will be responsible for producing oysters for the Blount Oyster Sanctuary located at Jenny’s Creek on Prudence Island in Narragansett Bay as well as other projects currently ongoing. Applications are available at the RWU Shellfish Hatchery Office room MNS 110F.

Special Skills: 
An interest in shellfish aquaculture and working in a laboratory setting

*Students are prohibited from driving during work study employment with the limited exception of authorized work study driver positions.

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Rob Hudson



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(401) 254-3885