Monitor – Model Shop

Job Description

Maintain Model Shop Equipment and monitor students using the Model Shop (see below for details):

 Maintenance Tasks for shift:

  1. Keep shop door closed when machines are in use to prevent dust and noise disturbance to the rest of the building. 
  2. All machines/equipment not in use must have a pair of safety glasses on work surface.
  3. Check Hot Wire Foam Cutter wire and tighten/replace wire as necessary following posted guidelines.
  4. Watch out for and remove any tripping hazards.  Remove air hoses and power cords and other obstructions that cross aisles and points of egress.  

    Cleaning Tasks for shift:

  1. Clean model shop (AR136) and tool room (AR136A) using Ridgid shop vac.  All countertops, workbenches, machines and floor must be vacuumed.  Move from top to bottom – clean the walls, bench tops and machines first and clean the floors last.
  2. Periodically check shop vac collection tank and empty when full.  Always clean shop vac filter when emptying canister.  Filter should be carefully removed and taken outside to the north end of the building and gently tapped on the outcropping of ledge to remove loose debris.  Once debris is removed, replace on shop vac.  Always wear a dust mask and goggles when performing this task.  Filter should only be replaced when loss of suction occurs shortly after removing loose debris.

Assistance Tasks for shift:

  2. Check-out/check-in hand tools from the tool room using the provided sign out form.  Note: Students are not to remove hand tools from the model shop.  All tools must be utilized within the Model Shop.
  3. Ensure all students operate heavy machinery and hand power tools using the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  Safety glasses must be worn at all times when operating any and all equipment.  Provide students with safety glasses, ear protection and/or dust masks upon request.  Students are not permitted listen to music with headphones while operating heavy machinery and hand power tools.
  4. Check all entering students for appropriate attire.  No open toed shoes are permitted. 
  5. Verify proper dust collection system is activated when equipment is in use.

Special Skills Needed:
Proficiency with Wood Shop equipment

*Students are prohibited from driving during work study employment with the limited exception of authorized work study driver positions.

Starting Date

Department Information

Contact Name

Daniel O'Neill


School of Architecture, Art and Historic Preservation (SAAHP)

Phone Number

(401) 254-5213