Communities of Hope: Researcher, Reporter, and Liaison for Solutions Journalism Exchange and Tracker

Job Description

Communities of Hope, a growing journalism and community news organization in the Department of Media, Design & Communication, is looking for a student to become our liaison with our partners at the Solutions Journalism Network.

The primary role of the Researcher, Reporter, and Liaison for Solutions Journalism Exchange and Tracker staff member will be to assist CoH staff in connecting with our partners at the Solutions Journalism Network through their two publication and distribution platforms SoJo Exchange and the Solutions Story Tracker.

The student working in this position will be expected to:

  • Manage our SoJo Exchange system, identifying stories that are relevant for our publics and sharing stories we produce on the Tracker platform.
  • Conduct research into both the Tracker and the Exchange platforms to help our reporters identify applicable examples of solutions stories to their reporting.
  • Help reporters submit stories to the Tracker for global distribution.
  • Manage the publication schedule for both Exchange and Tracker systems.
  • Help CoH staff to build relationships with the Tracker and Exchange staff members and with other partners in their networks, including holding meetings to negotiate contracts and other businesses.

Special Skills Needed (You will learn most of it during the job): 
Basic journalism or public relations; online researching; professional communication (written and oral communication); time management, communication, and organizational skills.

Academic Major Preferred: 
Journalism, Public Relations, Communication majors, and any other majors with organizational skills and a general understanding of news media may apply.

Starting Date:
Applications will stay open until the position is filled.

*Students are prohibited from driving during work-study employment with the limited exception of authorized work-study driver positions.

Starting Date

Department Information

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Bernardo H. Motta


Media + Design + Communication

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