P.E.A.C.E Program

Welcome to RWU's P.E.A.C.E Program!

We stand for Peer Empowerment, Advocacy/Activism, & Community Engagement

The key to a successful first year is finding a community whose values, purpose and interests align. PEACE (which stands for Peer Empowerment, Activism/Advocacy, and Community Engagement) is a community of students who value equity, diversity, inclusion, intercultural learning, community engagement, and social justice activism. The program seeks to build strong leaders who understand the importance of critical social justice literacy and fluency.

First-year PEACE students will have the benefit of the experience of student leaders to help them form a community, PEACE Community Ambassadors and the PEACE/social justice LLC RA. They will help you develop your social justice interests – take you to on-campus events, spend time with you in dialogue about relevant topics. Additionally, as members of the PEACE community, students will have opportunities to develop close bonds and friendships with their cohort through small and large group activities and events.

PEACE is invested in ensuring that students have a positive and successful first year by creating opportunities for genuine community connections, self-exploration and discoveries of social justice interests, developing intercultural learning, and fostering social justice leadership skills.

Students who want to join PEACE as first-year students should select the PEACE LLC on their housing applications.  Students interested in joining the PEACE community after their first year can contact Dr. Laura D’Amore, Associate Professor of American Studies and PEACE Faculty Mentor, for more information: ldamore@rwu.edu.