Faculty & Staff

The Department of Biology, Marine Biology and Environmental Science boasts an esteemed faculty of experienced and credentialed practitioners with wide ranges of areas of field experience. Both inside and outside the classroom they are directly involved with all aspects of educating our students.

  • Christopher R. Burtner

    Areas of Expertise: Biology of aging; stem cells and gene therapy; CRISPR gene editing; molecular biology; translational

  • Sean P. Colin

    Areas of Expertise: Biomechanics & Evolutionary Ecology

  • Avelina Espinosa

    Areas of Expertise: Microbiology, Biotechnology, Bioethics, & Molecular Biology

  • Lonnie Guralnick

    Areas of Expertise: Plant Physiology & Physiological Plant Ecology

  • Dale Leavitt

    Areas of Expertise: Aquaculture & Animal Nutrition

  • Katie Mattaini

    Areas of Expertise: Science Education, Biochemistry, Cancer Biology, Metabolism

  • Andrew Rhyne

    Areas of Expertise: Aquaculture, Aquariums, & Larval Ecology

  • Timothy Scott

    Areas of Expertise: Aquaculture & Marine Habitat Restoration

  • Koty Sharp

    Areas of Expertise: marine microbial ecology; coral reef ecology; invertebrate-microbial symbiosis

  • Paul M. Webb

    Areas of Expertise: Behavioral and physiological ecology of marine mammals and other marine vertebrates

  • Brian Wysor

    Areas of Expertise: Biogeography, Biodiversity and Systematics of Marine Algae

Adjunct Faculty