2018 Writing Contest

The annual Writing Contest honors achievement in undergraduate writing. We invite submissions from any WTNG course taken during Spring, Summer, or Fall 2018. All genres are welcome—essays, reports, rhetorical analyses, audio or visual essays, videos, etc. Winners receive prizes up to $150.

Elegible Categories

  1. Submissions from 100-level classes that demonstrate complex thinking, rhetorical dexterity, and genre awareness;
  2. Submissions from advanced writing courses (200-level and above) that demonstrate complex thinking, rhetorical dexterity, genre awareness, and/or sophisticated engagement with outside sources;
  3. Multimodal submissions from any WTNG course that demonstrate complex thinking, rhetorical dexterity, genre awareness and adept use of visual, audio, and/or video elements to create meaning and achieve the text’s purpose.

Writing may be revised prior to submission. You are limited to a single submission per category, though you may submit to more than one category if you have taken multiple WTNG classes in 2018 and thus have two or three eligible pieces.

How to Prepare your Text for Submission

Your typed (or multimodal) text must have a title, which should appear at the beginning of the piece and on your cover sheet. Neither your name nor that of your instructor may appear anywhere in your submission other than on the cover sheet. The cover sheet must provide:

  • The title of your submission and category to which you are submitting
  • Your name, permanent mailing address, email address, phone number, & student ID #
  • Your instructor’s name, the name & number of the course for which the piece was written, and the semester in which you took the course

How to Submit

  • Submit one electronic copy of your cover sheet & entry as separate Word or PDF attachments sent to the contest at: writingcontest@rwu.edu
  • Contact Dahliani Reynolds at dreynolds@rwu.edu to submit multimodal pieces or for any questions

Submissions will be accepted until Wednesday, February 20, 2018; early submissions are encouraged. Entries will be judged by a committee of WSRC faculty, and winners will be notified in April 2018.