Writing Placement Protocol

All RWU students take WTNG 102 and a second class at the 200 or 300 level to satisfy the University’s six-credit writing requirement. Students who would benefit from additional practice exploring the connection between college-level reading and writing, crafting sound sentences, and developing coherent essays are eligible to take WTNG 100 “Introduction to Academic Writing” prior to entering WTNG 102.

All students entering RWU must complete the online Directed Self Placement process in order to determine which WTNG class will best suit their needs. DSP is not a test, and does not require a writing sample:  it will take approximately 10 minutes. 

By taking the Directed Self-Placement Protocol, students will get a sense of the expectations of college-level writing at RWU, learn what each of the first-year writing courses covers, see strong student models, reflect on their own experience with writing, and finally, make a choice about which course to take.

A faculty member from the Department of Writing Studies, Rhetoric, and Composition will be available at each orientation session.  The WSRC placement coordinator, Professor Jennifer Campbell, will be available via email throughout the summer for students who have questions about the placement protocol. Contact Dr. Jennifer Campbell. You can also read our Directed Self Placement FAQs.

Begin Directed Self-Placement