Dance Program News

  • Dancers on hill

    Dancers Reframe Their Practice – Bringing Fresh Perspectives to Campus Spaces in the Process

    By Cathy Nicoli

    RWU’s close-knit community of dancers made a promise – to spin the pandemic’s limitations around, and invert challenges into catalysts for innovation. In doing so, the Dance and Performance Studies Program exemplified its vital role in interdisciplinary and embodied learning, student health and well-being, and community building. The dancers take the ultimate credit though – for their talent, team work and yes, we can attitude.

  • Flyer for Take It Outside

    RWU’s Dance Program Takes It Outside!

    RWU’s Dance and Performance Studies students are gearing up for two end of semester events that highlight their extraordinary dancing, choreography, and filmmaking.

  • Advanced Technique/Improvisation

    Distance Learning Through Dance On Film

    Michael DeQuattro

    Dance on film is nothing new to the dance world and what students of our Advanced Technique/Improvisation class have dived into head first since the stay-at-home order was put in place. The class

  • Michael DeQuattro and Caroline Zambernardi

    Student Focus: Caroline Zambernardi

    Michael DeQuattro

    Student Focus is a new series being added to RWU Dance News. Through it, students will have an opportunity to share projects and accomplishments that shine a positive light on them and their time in

  • Dance Theatre

    Conditions: A Hopeful Reminder

    Michael DeQuattro

    Dance studies at RWU began as usual in January of 2020. The familiar format of classes, guest artists, Dance Theatre auditions and prospective student auditions helped set the rhythm of things to come

  • Tiffany Mills

    Tiffany Mills in Residency for RWU Dance Dept. Feb 23-29

    Roger Williams Dance Program

    TIFFANY MILLS, ARTISTIC DIRECTOR AND CHOREOGRAPHER Tiffany Mills is a choreographer and artistic director of the NYC-based Tiffany Mills Company. Mills moved to NYC in 1995, and formed Tiffany Mills

  • Rocha Dance Theatre

    Alive! Arts Presents: Rocha Dance Theatre

    Integrating dance, theatrical parody and architectural costume design, Half-Heard shows a satirized version of a woman’s struggle to be heard in the workplace. An all-female identifying -- and at