Logo and Guidelines


These files are for use by the RWU community only and its contracted vendors. Please click on the link below to download printer and web versions of the RWU logo that you may need. For your convenience, color breaks, different orientations and versions of the RWU logo, are included in the downloadable folder. We ask that you note the “Graphics Standards Guide: Faculty and Students Edition” document for guidelines of use located in the right hand column of the page.

Any questions regarding logo usage and guidelines, should be directed to graphics@rwu.edu. Thank you!

Download the full RWU Logo Set (zip file of logos)

Size and Integrity

Space and Proportion

University Color Palette

Pantone: 2955 C
CMYK: 100/60/10/53
RGB: 0/56/101

Light Blue            
Pantone: 543 C
CMYK: 37/9/0/1
RGB: 164/200/225

1235 C
CMYK: 0/32/95/0
# FDB913
RGB: 255/183/27