Instructions on Completing the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

Instructions for completing the RWU Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form:

  1. coi-login.jpgAll Conflict of Interest Disclosure forms must be electronically submitted using a new web-based portal, which may be accessed at: Click here to log into the portal  . IMPORTANT- Please note users may only access the portal using the Google Chrome browser.  To log-in, users must first click on the small “Or sign in with” Icon (refer to picture) located at the bottom center of the screen, which will create a log-in prompt inviting you to sign in using your regular RWU log-in credentials. Once logged in, please answer all questions and submit your form.
  2. Read the Policy. If you have questions about filling out the disclosure form, you may refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section, or contact the Office of General Counsel X5379 for more information.
  3. All questions on the disclosure form must be answered. Skipping or failing to answer a question will prevent submission of the form. Any “Yes” responses that are submitted without an accompanying explanation will be returned for completion.
  4. If you have additional information relevant to your disclosure but will not fit in the box provided for the answer, please attach to your submission a Word document or PDF supplying the details.
  5. IMPORTANT: For purposes of filling out the disclosure form, “Immediate family” is your spouse, or domestic partner (consistent with University health benefits policy and procedure) and dependent children, including stepchildren.
  6. Due date:  January 15, 2023
  7. For any portal log-in issues, please contact RWU Media Tech at 254-6363, or for assistance.  For conflict of interest questions, please contact the Office of General Counsel at 254-5379.