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  • Applied Psychology

    The degree in applied psychology prepares the student to think critically about their own ideas and those of others apply these methods to the problems of community and of the larger society. Students are trained to be an independent thinker and active participant in a rapidly changing world.

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  • Case Management

    This program provides knowledge and skills relevant to the provision of case management services in a variety of health care settings. The program is designed for individuals who are employed in the field of case management and who are in the process of obtaining certification in case management. The required courses prepare students to sit for certification examinations.

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  • Community Development

    As the only Community Development program in the state, we prepare you to mobilize action to improve neighborhood quality of life and build sustainable communities.

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  • Community Policing

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  • Corrections Agency Administration

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  • Criminal Justice

    RWU’s interdisciplinary Criminal Justice program combines courses in policing, corrections and procedure with studies in the social sciences to introduce you to the theory and practice of criminal law and the moral complexity of the criminal justice system. Along with internships and the guidance of our faculty of experienced practitioners, you’ll be prepared for careers such as law enforcement, counseling and probation or to advance into graduate study or law school.

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  • Cybersecurity & Networking

    The B.S. in Cybersecurity and Networking program is a four (4) year undergraduate Bachelor of Science program designed to meet the increasing professional needs of the Cybersecurity and Cyberdefense industries.



  • Emergency Medical Services

    Our courses are made with professionals in mind and led by distinguished emergency medical practitioners and EMS leaders. From them, you'll learn the real-world knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the field.

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  • Gerontology

    This certificate is practice-orientated, preparing students for work in the field or credentialing students already working in the field. Students will be drawn from a wild range of public and private agencies involved in the programming and care of older people.

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  • Health Care Administration

    When you study Health Care Administration at RWU, you’ll gain the foundational knowledge to work in health care services or administration. The program offers a flexible lineup of classes in subjects ranging from public policy to economics. Whether you earn this certificate on its own or as part of the Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree, you’ll develop the values of accountability, transparency, ethics, privacy and participation that are core to any health care career.

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  • Health Services Adminstration

    Designed for adults working (or seeking to work) in health services, public health, health education, or health care administration fields, in either the private sector or the public sector (federal, state, or local government or non-profit organizations) who need to upgrade skills or attain additional credentials.

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  • Healthcare Paralegal

    This program is designed to provide paralegal education and the skills necessary for students with a medical background to expand their careers into the legal arena. It is open to students who have previously earned 60 hours of credit or baccalaureate or associate degree, and who have at least 4000 hours of nursing experience.

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  • Healthy Communities

    The healthy communities program prepares students for careers in community-based health in nonprofit organizations, public and private healthcare institutions as well as careers in healthcare policy and administration. Students in the healthy communities program focus on the critical social and economic systems that health intersects with and their impacts on communities through policy and practice.

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  • Homeland Security

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  • Humanities & Social Sciences

    Students interested in more than one topic within the humanities and social sciences can obtain a general studies degree combining the study of the arts, the sciences and the humanities.

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  • Individualized Concentration

    This individualized concentration is intended for students with an interest in pursuing an individualized and personalized program of studies not available in other degree programs.

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  • Liberal Arts

    Earn an associates of arts or associates of science degree in liberal arts to gain a broad base of knowledge from many disciplines. Studying liberal arts prepares students to think critically about the world around them and to excel in many disciplines.

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  • Management

    As a Management major, you’ll learn how to lead organizations through complex decisions such as budgeting, negotiating, planning and directing. Because these decisions have broad impacts throughout an organization, RWU’s curriculum encourages you to think about dynamics like diversity, ethics and politics in the workplace. Combined with hands-on internship experience, you’ll gain the management skills for a successful career in human resources, purchasing, administrative services, health services, or your own entrepreneurial venture.


  • Paralegal Studies

    The ABA approved Paralegal Studies Program prepares students to be professionals in the legal community. In the past few years, the opportunities for accomplished and technically-savvy paralegals have increased due to economic and technological changes. Our program has kept pace.

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  • Police Agency Administration

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  • Policing, Public Safety and Security

    The program in policing, public safety, and security is designed to provide students with a foundational understanding of the different components of the public safety systems in the United States and their role in protecting and serving the community. By fostering an understanding of the individual roles, responsibilities, and capabilities of emergency medical services, corrections, security, and policing, our students will be better equipped to create and manage valuable partnerships within the public safety arena in both emergency and non-emergency environments.

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  • Public Administration

    Whether developing education programs for inner-city youth or working with residents to create a crime-fighting neighborhood watch, public administrators breathe life into public policies. If you major in public administration, you’ll build the skills it takes to bring together diverse groups and change communities for the better.

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  • Public Safety

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  • School Finance and Operations

    The Master’s of Science in School Finance and Operations can elevate your career and help you better serve your schools. The program offers a blend of traditional and work-based learning to build the knowledge and practical skills required of a school business administrator. The program is aligned to the professional standard and code of ethics of the Association of Business Officials (ASBO) International.



  • Technology, Leadership and Management

    This modern program examines how people and technology collide – whether in education, industrial settings, or start-up technologies and businesses- and provides the tools for understanding technology and process design’s implication in managing and leading within 21st century organizations. As a graduate you can expect to become skilled in systems thinking, managing projects and leading through change initiatives in automotive, omni-channel retailing, manufacturing, engineering, and services industries.