Utilizing Her Knowledge

Allison Raine

Allison Raine, RWU Class of 2018


Allison Raine has worked in the healthcare industry since 2013. In that time, she has accrued knowledge of elder care services in a community-based setting. This put her well on her way to her degree by allowing her to earn free credits at University College through a process called the Prior Learning Assessment.

After meeting with Community Development Program Director Taino Palermo about the Prior Learning Assessment, Raine took a look at her experience and career path. Then, through an option of the Prior Learning Assessment called Life Learning Credit, Raine researched program descriptions and course syllabi from other accredited programs and matched it with her own experience. She then prepared a write-up on why her experiences should count towards her Healthy Communities degree at UC.

After completing the process, Raine received 12 credits and saved almost $4,000. She turned her focus to graduating at the end of the 2017–2018 academic year with her degree in Healthy Communities, and a Certificate in Gerontology.

According to Raine, it's not just about earning the credits. The Prior Learning Assessment has allowed her to purse the topics and courses she needs to focus on, not spend time relearning what she already knows.