Saving Time & Money

Greg Ehlinger

Greg Ehlinger, RWU Class of 2017

Public Administration

Going back to finish a degree can seem overwhelming as students worry about how much time or money it might require. At University College, it can be a lot less than you think.

Through Prior Learning Assessment at UC, Greg Ehlinger saved over a year in time and money when he decided to complete his bachelor’s degree.

By applying transfer credits from an associate’s degree and using knowledge from previous work and volunteer experience, Ehlinger was able to earn over 60 credits at no cost and save over $19,000.

The impact has been huge, says Ehlinger, who worked full-time while earning his degree.

“Prior Learning Assessment saved me a year in my educational timeline,” he says. “I was able to get the credit I deserved from my associate’s degree.” And he was also able to earn 9 credits for his previous experience and an additional credit because he is CPR certified.

It wasn't just classes he had already taken, Ehlinger was also able to earn credit for life experience.

One course he earned credit for was a natural science course. For the course, Ehlinger demonstrated that through his experience as a Boy Scout Cub Master he already had the skills and knowledge the course would have provided him.

For a professional writing course Ehlinger earned credit for, he used his work experience writing reports as an Appraisal Analyst at Santander Bank to demonstrate this knowledge.

For Ehlinger, that is impressive because it shows that college-level learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. It can happen anywhere.

Greg Ehlinger is now appraisal analyst with Santander.