Interesting Facts on RWU's Food

Pizza on the line
By Courtney Dell'Agnese '19

This story is part of RWU's Inside the Kitchen series going behind the scenes of RWU’s dining experience.

While RWU students are going in and out of Upper and Lower Commons for a meal, walking into the Law School Bistro for a quick snack or swinging by the Hawk’s Nest for a smoothie, the members of the RWU dining staff and its food service provider, Bon Appétit Management Company, are constantly working to provide the community with nutritious and delicious food. 

Serving all this food makes from some interesting facts:

1. About 100 pizzas are cooked every day at Upper Commons.

2. RWU goes through 800 pounds of hamburgers per week, equaling more than 100 pounds a day.

3. Support over 1,000 small local farmers and artisans through Farm to Fork Program.

4. Over 250 tons of organic waste composted in the last three years.

5. Forty loafs of organic, sliced white bread are used for grilled cheese each day.

6. When fish is served at Classics there is usually about 120 to 180 pounds used for each meal.

7. Frequently purchase food from over 70 local farmers, fishermen, and artisans.

8. Six-hundred pounds of chicken breast are used per week just for the grill station alone.

9. Since partnering with Food Recovery Network in April 2014, over 18,000 pounds of food have been donated to partnering agencies in need.

10. Up to 180 pounds of diced potatoes are used each time home fries are served for breakfast at Classics.

11. RWU cooks approximately 120 pounds of food per day during the week, and just slightly less than that on the weekends.

12. About 25 percent of the total food that is served is purchased within 150 miles of the University.

13. One-hundred percent of food waste picked up from The Compost Plant is turned into usable compost.

14.Reduced post-consumer waste by average of 200 pounds per day through waste awareness campaigns.

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