Inside the Kitchen: RWU’s Food Hub

A series of stories going behind the scenes of RWU’s dining experience

By Juan Siliezar
chef on the grill
Mark Brodeur works the stir-fry grill in Upper Commons.

BRISTOL, R.I. – Dining has become one of the many defining RWU experiences students and the rest of the RWU community enjoy when they chose RWU. For good reason, too: RWU’s meal plan is ranked in the top 5 percent in the country according to student satisfaction surveys, topped USA Today College’s list for best college food in Rhode Island in 2016, and this year it was named as the best college dining program in Rhode Island by the monthly publication FoodService Director.

And while the RWU community is largely familiar with the deliciously satisfying front-end experience of dining at RWU, many aren’t familiar with the behind-the-line work that goes into preparing and serving more than 5,000 meals a day or with the efforts to reduce waste.

That changes now with an in-depth series of stories looking at RWU’s dining experience. The stories range from a behind-the-line look at the work that goes into feeding the RWU community to interesting facts about dining at RWU and the University’s efforts in sustainability and combating food waste.

These stories show some, but not all, of what makes food service at RWU so special. You’ve already tasted RWU’s top-notch food program. Now see how it comes together:

Chef adding parsely

Behind the Service Line
The central hub for the RWU dining experience is the Upper Commons. Take a look at that experience from other side of the service line and the people who make it happen.

students part of FRN

Food Recovery Network at RWU
It may look like this small group of students is heading in for an after-hours meal, but they are actually part of a student led effort to combat food waste and food insecurity.

Food at service lineComposting at RWU
Food waste is a part of any food service. It’s why RWU and Bon Appétit Management Company work to curtail that waste. So far, RWU has diverted over 230 tons of food waste from the landfill in the last three years.

Facts-inline.jpgInteresting Facts on RWU's Food
RWU dining serves on average 1,700 students a day. That makes for some interesting facts ranging from the average amount of pizzas made a day to how many pounds of hamburgers are cooked.

Source-inline.jpgSourced Locally: Where RWU's Food Comes From
RWU and Bon Appétit Management Company are committed to using the best ingredients and sourcing food locally when possible. Here are 10 local places where RWU sources its food.