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  • Students stage a mock press conference

    How to Hold a Press Conference

    Jill Rodrigues ’05

    Media relations students gain real-world experience by staging a mock press conference to address recent issues at Carnival Cruise Lines.

  • Book authors meet the subject of the book

    Healing With Words

    Jill Rodrigues '05

    Adam Braver and Molly Gessford ’11 reveal the power of words in a story that began, for them, with a Roger Williams University class advocating for imprisoned political dissidents.

  • People explore a memorial

    Memory, Memorial and Meaning

    Melissa A. Patricio

    What was once a parking lot is now a dialogic memorial that greets up to 500 visitors daily, inviting them to consider what slavery meant in the past, what it means for the present and the persisting struggle to eradicate the enslavement and trafficking of people.

  • Student holds up a boiled lobster

    A Traditional Feast

    Kaleigh Wilson '13

    Kaleigh Wilson ’13 shares a student’s perspective on the legendary campus tradition of Lobster-Steak Dinner.

  • Student climbs to top of wind turbine

    View from the Top

    Jill Rodrigues with Kathleen Kiely '13

    RWU senior Kathleen Kiely shares photos and video from her climb atop Portsmouth Abbey's 660kW wind turbine, and her research into wind turbines.

  • A student demonstrates her cultural heritage

    Bonding Across Cultures

    Jill Rodrigues '05

    Seventh annual Global Fest celebrates cultural diversity across campus.