The Periodic Table of Elements Comes to Life on Mole Day

In celebration of Mole Day, the science community on campus collaborated on a large scale version of the periodic table of elements

By Justin Wilder, Kindell Brown and Julia Rubin
A group of people holding signs for the periodic table of elements.

BRISTOL, R.I. –Wondering why you saw 118 faculty, staff and students holding signs on the quad on October 23?

These chemistry enthusiasts were celebrating Mole Day, a day that commemorates Avogadro's number, a basic unit of measurement in chemistry. Around the world, the science community finds many creative ways to celebrate this special day.

This year, scientists have also been celebrating the 150th birthday of the periodic table of elements. Associate Professor of Chemistry Nancy E. Breen and Science Center Coordinator Tracey McDonnell Wysor had the idea to raise awareness and excitement about these two significant milestones.

They asked volunteers to choose an element from the table to paint onto a large poster. Then, the group gathered to create one large-scale periodic table.