Lavender Graduation Celebrates Queer and Trans Students

Friends and family celebrated 18 graduating students from RWU's Queer and Trans community at our second annual Lavender Graduation

Two students at graduation.
By Justin Wilder and Julia Rubin

BRISTOL, R.I. – On Wednesday, May 8, members of the RWU community honored graduating queer and trans students for the work they have completed, the community they have fostered, and the barriers they have broken down to achieve their goals. Lavender Graduation was hosted by the Queer and Trans Resource and Advocacy Center and Assistant Director of Queer and Trans Initiatives Gabby Porcaro. Speakers included RWU Board of Alumni Member Kelly Scafariello and Coordinator of Residence Education Rach Pozerski. Friends, family members, staff, and partners delivered heartfelt, personalized tributes to each graduate.