HousingWorks RI

HousingWorks RI

HousingWorks RI at Roger Williams University (HWRI) is an authoritative source of information about housing in Rhode Island. HWRI conducts research and analyzes data to inform public policy and develop communications strategies in an effort to promote dialogue about the relationship between housing and the state’s economic future.

HousingWorks RI envisions a Rhode Island in which communities embrace a variety of housing choices so that residents, regardless of income, can live in healthy, quality homes in vibrant and thriving neighborhoods.

HousingWorks RI Research

As part of Roger Williams University, HousingWorks RI acts as a bridge for the University and provides a “think and do” laboratory that faculty, students, and staff can leverage to better all of Rhode Island. HousingWorks RI investigates the connection between housing and outcomes in education and health. The public policy organization also works to educate stakeholders on the importance of housing affordability to the state’s economic future.

HWRI regularly collaborates with a wide range of organizations including its sister policy group the Latino Policy Institute. Through publications like the annual Housing Fact Book, Special Reports, Issue Briefs, and cutting-edge Infographics, HousingWorks RI has built a solid reputation for providing easy to understand communications tools for community members to utilize when connecting the dots between housing and other issue areas. All HousingWorks RI publications can be found on their website, www.housingworksri.org.

HousingWorks RI regularly takes on student interns from various disciplines within the University and acts as a resource for external partners. HousingWorks RI is supported by an advisory board, and funding for their work comes from the University and community partners, including the Rhode Island Foundation, United Way of RI, Rhode Island Housing. In addition to core funding, HousingWorks RI fundraises for their annual Housing Fact Book lunch, where its premiere publication is released.