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CPC logoThe Roger Williams University (RWU) Community Partnerships Center (CPC) provides project-based assistance to nonprofit organizations, municipalities, government agencies and low and moderate income communities in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Our mission is to undertake and complete projects that will benefit the local community, while providing RWU students with experience in real-world projects that deepen their academic experiences.

The CPC is a centralized home to an array of RWU resources. These resources come from within RWU’s liberal arts and professional degree programs, as well as from strong relationships with external organizations. Through the CPC, these resources are organized and made available to a wide spectrum of nonprofit, municipal, and community groups to carry out projects throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

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What We Do

The CPC provides RWU students at the undergraduate and graduate levels with meaningful, project-based educational experiences which address real community needs through coursework, team projects, graduate assistantships, work study positions, internships, and volunteer experiences. These projects provide real world experience that is integrated with their growth as scholars and future practitioners.  

Furthermore, community partnerships broaden and deepen the academic experiences of RWU students by allowing them to work on real-world projects, through curriculum-based and service learning opportunities, collaborating with nonprofit and community leaders as they seek to achieve their missions. The services provided by the CPC would normally not be available to these organizations due to their cost and/or diverse needs.

Our Goals

  1. Provide a standardized system for soliciting appropriate projects with qualified community partners and efficiently synthesizing those projects with RWU’s academic programs.
  2. Provide well organized and educationally valid real world experience for undergraduate and graduate students during the appropriate phases of their academic careers at RWU.
  3. Provide trans-disciplinary opportunities for faculty/student collaboration on project-based activities, linking the classroom with the community.
  4. Provide multi-disciplinary assistance to communities and organizations on real projects that improve the economic, social and physical environments.
  5. Create and maintain strong, functional, long-term relationships with community and government partners (such as the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation) to effectively engage RWU in affordable, collaborative activities which benefit the citizens of the state and region.

What We've Done

The CPC has completed projects ranging from numerous academic disciplines. We have facilitated projects from writing studies to engineering, from marketing to historical preservation, and from education to architecture. Click here to see the CPC's completed projects.

We provide communities with valuable services through its work with client organizations, government agencies, and community organizations as they seek to achieve their missions.

Where You Can Find Us

The CPC is currently located in the Farmhouse building across from Commons and the Mail Center, at Roger Williams University.

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