Sustainability at RWU

The University’s Sustainability Mission Statement

Roger Williams University recognizes that the current and future well-being of its campus and all its inhabitants depends on sustainable interactions between healthy environmental and social systems. As such, the University is committed to the goal of promoting sustainability as a core principle that guides our decisions and actions on campus and in the larger community. The University’s Sustainability Committees will guide the implementation of projects and policies that advance cultures of ecological, social, economic and technological sustainability across all aspects of the campus and beyond. Such work reflects the University’s mission to interact with society in mutually rewarding ways through pursuit of responsible use and management of environmental resources that helps ensure their long-term sustainability.

Advancing Sustainability Initiatives

Do you have an idea for how to make RWU more sustainable? Share your idea by submitting a brief preproposal to as a brief paragraph (up to 300 words) that describes 1) the general idea, 2) its relevance and expected impact for enhancing RWU’s sustainability, 3) a draft timeline for implementation, and 4) if already known, financial considerations such as estimated cost and funding sources.

Sustainability in the Curriculum

Students from all majors are invited to enroll in the SUST courses (101, 301, 401) and complete a core concentration and minor in Sustainability Studies. More information about the program and courses are provided here.

Information about Recycling on Campus can be found here.

Sustainability in the News Archives

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