Student Groups

Below are several student groups and organizations that work closely with the QTRAC. If you are looking to get involved and/or find community, then they are a great resource!

The Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) is a student organization comprised of queer and trans-identified students and their allies that is dedicated to promoting a better understanding of and awareness of queer and trans issues on and off campus. SAGA hosts a number of events throughout the academic year including RWU Coming Out Week, Trans Week of Remembrance, World AIDS Day Drag Bingo, and Pride Week. If you are interested in learning more about the club or getting involved with SAGA, please contact the executive board at or click here. Follow SAGA on Instagram @rwusaga.

Feminists United is a student club that works to promote social justice through an intersectional feminist lens. Some of Feminists United's work on campus has included petitioning for menstrual hygiene products to be available in all restrooms on campus, including gender-neutral and men's restrooms. They also work in conjunction with off-campus agencies that are empowering all women. Follow Feminists United on Instagram @rwufeministsunited.