Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Roger Williams University has historically valued the importance of diverse perspectives in a dynamic learning environment. The elements of diversity are embodied in our core values and we consistently engage the entire community in promoting diversity awareness.

We stand firmly committed to creating a campus that is diverse and inclusive as well as welcoming to and accepting of all people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, ability, socio-economic class, age or spirituality. We reflect this in our many programs, initiatives, organizations, and clubs throughout the university, ranging from our undergraduate programs to the School of Law.

Roger Williams University is an open, accepting and affirming community of citizen scholars. Look around campus and you will find students from many different backgrounds from around the country and around the world.

Statement on Diversity and Inclusive Excellence

The RWU statement on Diversity and Inclusive Excellence was prepared by the President’s Council on Inclusive Excellence. Inclusive Excellence is our institutional approach to support the advancement of cultural sensitivity and global awareness across campus and to build a culture that inspires diversity in every aspect of the university.


Identity, Culture and Spirituality

Our programs reflect our commitment to diversity in all aspects of university life, from Global Fest to programs that bring opposing viewpoints together in sustained dialogues. Our programs challenge traditionally held beliefs about gender and sexuality while our Intercultural Center brings everyone together.


Disability and Accessibility

Disability, among other things, is an issue of diversity, inclusion and civil rights.

Student Accessibility Services at Roger Williams University primarily supports inclusion for students with disabilities in the academic and physical environment; we are also committed to promoting and supporting you in the richness of your personal identity, as part of the diversity and inclusion efforts at Roger Williams University.


Diversity RWU Law

Roger Williams University School of Law provides a rigorous education, in a supportive atmosphere, in order to equip its graduates to successfully practice in a fast-changing, and diverse, world. 27% of our First Year students come from racial and ethnic backgrounds underrepresented in the legal community.