Graduate Programs in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Programs

M.S. Cybersecurity
With the threat of cyberterrorism and fraud growing every day, the demand for trained cybersecurity specialists has never been higher. The M.S. Cybersecurity program was created by RWU faculty in conjunction with industry professionals to meet this critical need for a specialized workforce. You will acquire skills in computer programming, networking, assessment and analysis, forensics, and reporting that combine technical knowledge, situational management, and problem solving. Students entering this program are expected to have some prerequisite coursework in programming and networking. The M.S. can be earned by completing the full degree or by progressively stacking the three available graduate certificates along with the master's thesis. 
M.A. Cybersecurity
The 30-credit Master of Arts in Cybersecurity program is designed for students who wish to add the core concepts of cybersecurity to their portfolio of skills in a specific discipline or industry, but who do not have a background in computer science. As cybersecurity threats continue to rise, organizations will need skilled employees who understand the threats to business and infrastructure and can effectively create strategies to mitigate risks. Students in the program will understand the legal, managerial, and policy implications of cybersecurity work and conduct research prior to completing the program. Graduates will possess the adequate preparation to pursue N+ and S+ certifications and take the exam to become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

These Programs

  • Are conducted completely online using virtual environments to support simulation and analysis of operating systems
  • Focus on both theory and practice
  • Offer three cyber-related graduate certificates: Cybersecurity, Cyberspecialist, and Digital Forensics
  • Are taught by faculty members who are recognized experts in the technology industry
  • Offer tuition discounts for police, firefighters, first responders, active duty military, and veterans

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Dr. Doug White

Cyber Disruptor

A recognized expert in the technology industry, Dr. Doug White has worked in the industry for over 20 years as a programmer, networking administrator, security specialist and consultant. He brings the experience he’s gained working with banks, utilities and other clients as a security consultant, technology specialist, penetration tester, forensics analyst and more to his teaching.

Director, RWU Center for Forensics, Applied Networking & Security

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