Cyber Disruptor

A headshot of professor Douglas White
Professor Douglas White

Douglas White, Professor


Professor Douglas White was one of the earliest pioneers in cybersecurity. And now, with the increased use of technology worldwide and headlines ranging from hackings to national surveillance, almost everyone understands what he’s known all along: cybersecurity is a massive issue.

“The threat to cyber systems has been perceived by average people,” he says. People might not understand how it happens, but “everyone understands the consequences,” he says.

A recognized expert in the technology industry, Professor White has worked in the industry for over 20 years. He hosts “Secure Digital Life,” a weekly podcast, and is a core member of R.I.’s Cyberdisruption Team, a citizen support entity of cyber experts which works with Rhode Island’s state police and emergency management agency. He brings the experience he’s gained working as a security consultant, technology specialist, penetration tester, forensics analyst, and more to his teaching.

“All my classes are hands-on classes based on real world certifications and experience. [All of our courses] were designed by industry experts. I sat down with all of them and said, ‘what do you want [our graduates] to know.”

Many of White’s students – both current and those now graduated – are on the front lines of the cyber war, working for security firms, government intelligence agencies and the military, monitoring threats and preventing attacks.

With RWU’s small class sizes and high faculty to student ratio, students have the opportunity to make meaningful one-on-one connections with RWU professors – like White – who bring their real-world experience into the classroom.