Women in Business Share Their Experiences

“At GSB, you are not just a number. You aren’t competing against a pool of students where your voice is not being heard. If you work hard and you want to do something, your professors, deans, and counselors help you find opportunities and support your goals.”

Ramessa Wajid
Ramessa Wajid '24

When Rameesa Wajid decided to pursue her bachelor’s in Finance after a summer school experience at Columbia University in 2019, she knew she wanted to go to a university where she wasn’t just a number. As an international student from Pakistan, Roger Williams and the Gabelli School of Business stood out to Wajid because of its small class sizes, AACSB accreditation, and focus on experiential learning. She knew she wanted a community where she could thrive and prosper; the kind of close-knit community that RWU could offer.
Now in her sophomore year, Rameesa is majoring in Finance and Economics with a minor in Computer Science. When she’s not in class, you can find her working with students as an International Student Ambassador, planning events in the Campus Entertainment Network, or collaborating with others in the Multicultural Student Union. Among her leadership roles on campus, Wajid will be a Resident Assistant next year and most recently, she was elected as the Vice President of the Women in Business organization (WIB). One of her top priorities in this new leadership role is to revive the group and make sure it is inclusive to all women in the business school. She said, “I want every member to feel involved. They will not just come to meetings and listen. Instead, they will all participate in a way that complements their skillset and what they are studying in order to gain experience.” Wajid believes the WIB organization will help students gather more connections and contacts outside of the classroom. Her goal as a leader is to help other women find opportunities and progress in their field.

“As a female leader I feel as though I have an obligation to not only represent the Women in Business, but also empower others to join me in taking leadership roles. I want to provide women the opportunity to be leaders — not just follow in my lead.”

Brianna Celano
Brianna Celano '23

Brianna is currently a junior majoring in Business Management with minors in Psychology, Business Analytics, and Professional and Public Writing. Around campus she wears many hats. From serving as a Presidential Student Ambassador and tour guide to participating in the sustainability club and intramurals, Brianna is no stranger to being busy. But that’s just the way she likes it. As a Long Island, NY native, Brianna sees her four years at RWU as an opportunity to be fully immersed in the community and leave a long-lasting impact. 

A place where she has already made her mark is in the Gabelli School of Business (GSB). As a rising leader, Brianna is a member of the business honor society, Beta Gamma Sigma, as well as a Major Student Ambassador. In the latter role, she helps guide undeclared students or those interested in switching majors to discover the business discipline that’s best suited for them. Recently, Brianna jumped at another opportunity to be involved in GSB and grow. She was just elected as the President of the Women in Business organization (WIB) — a responsibility she considers her most important leadership role yet. 

As President of WIB, Brianna has been working alongside Professor Catherine Hall, the organization’s advisor, and the other student officers to rebuild the group’s framework and plant their roots within the School of Business. When asked about her vision for the organization, Brianna said, “I want the organization to be a hub for women in business to get the skills they need to succeed and establish a network with their peers and female leaders already in the workplace. All of the women members will get to use the skills they’ve acquired in their courses, whether that’s finance, marketing, management, or economics, and apply them to real-world projects and experiences.” Ultimately, Brianna aspires to create a space for women leaders. A space where they can learn together, make mistakes, and gain the confidence to take on new challenges beyond RWU. 

“I’m excited about being surrounded by other inspirational women. It is so great to work with these women and tackle these challenges together.”

Amelia Pickard
Amelia Pickard '25

Amelia Pickard is a first-year student in the Gabelli School of Business studying Marketing and exploring its link with Psychology and human behavior. Born on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in England, she found her way to Roger Williams University because of its close proximity to her current home in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Although Pickard was drawn to the campus for its small size, she also saw big opportunities. Unlike other schools she explored, RWU offered a unique business education with the flexibility to explore interests beyond her major.

While only at RWU a short while, Pickard is involved in numerous ways on campus. Her first semester she took part in Providing Awareness & Victim Empowerment (PAVE), and hopes to continue spreading awareness throughout her time at Roger. She also works in The Writing Center as a tutor — applying her love for reading and writing to help students communicate more effectively on paper. Recently, Pickard has emerged as a budding leader in the School of Business as the newly-elected Treasurer of the Women in Business organization (WIB). 

As a strong proponent of women’s rights, Pickard pushed herself to run for a student officer seat to advance women in business. With the skills she’s learned from her marketing and advertising courses, Amelia’s top priority is to spread the word about this organization and how it can benefit all women students. Because most fields in business are male-dominated, she hopes her leadership can provide a supportive and inclusive community that creates opportunities for women to flourish.