SHAE Turns Passions into Careers

Welcome to the School of Humanities, Arts and Education (SHAE) at Roger Williams University. If you found this page and are interested in the programs at SHAE, then chances are you are a creative spirit and critical thinker who believes education opens doors to new worlds.

"Must I say historical or indeed sociological? Let us more simply say … human studies" - Marc Bloch, historian, 1886-1944

Students dancing.

At the core of Roger Williams University lie the liberal arts, with their celebration of the humanities, and indeed Humanity.

In SHAE, we cherish our humanities traditions, speaking to that which animates our students and our faculty. It’s not just Dance performances-it is a revelation in human expression, technique development, and creative spirit. Our writers tell their truths, our public relations students frame context and communication, our historians cherish the human condition in historical developments.

We are the school of aspirations, dreams, and passions. Moreover, your SHAE advantage is the other half of what we do: we teach you the transferrable skills enabling not just imagination, but the realization of passion into the practical. We will ask you tough questions, challenge you with complex scenarios, and ask you to do the same to us. Communities are strong when communities engage.

Students chat around laptop

Check out the School of Humanities, Arts, and Education. We will help you to know yourself by helping you to know the world. This life is a human study. Come discover with us.

-Dean Jeffrey Meriwether