SHAE Turns Passions into Careers

Welcome to the School of Humanities, Arts and Education (SHAE) at Roger Williams University. If you found this page and are interested in the programs at SHAE, then chances are you are a creative spirit and critical thinker who believes education opens doors to new worlds.


         Tell me, what is it you plan to do

          With your one wild and precious life?

                  (from “The Summer Day” by Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Mary Oliver, 1935-2019)

Students dancing. At SHAE, we don’t stop at celebrating the arts, humanities and education; we believe in the power of the humanities—like literature, history, languages, philosophy—to ignite ideas and practices that can change the world. We honor the role the visual, creative writing and performing arts play in our diverse society and throughout the world while recognizing the power of creativity to make positive change and build bridges between peoples and cultures.  We embrace the analysis of literatures, cultures and histories, knowing that a deep critical understanding of our past and present will help us build a better future. We promote education in all its forms, understanding through experience how great teaching has and can transform individual and communal lives.  Perhaps most importantly, we believe that communication—written, aural, visual, interpersonal, artistic, multi-lingual and global—is the key to building a better life; great communicators, whether faculty or students, writers, speakers, teachers or artists, instill  and enact empathy, are successful in a variety of professional endeavors, and maintain a life-long passion for learning; ultimately, effective communicators in a variety of media and cultural contexts also help to build a better world.

Students around table.

In SHAE, we are proud of our aspirations to help artists, writers, thinkers, communicators and educators thrive in a global society and figure out what they will do with their “wild and precious lives.”   To that end, SHAE programs also take career preparation and applied education seriously, countering all those voices out there that claim that if you follow your dream of being an artist, a teacher, a writer, a philosopher, you won’t get a great job. On the contrary, we have programs, courses, internships and work-shops to help you transfer your knowledge and skills from the humanities and arts to successful career development; we also have the data, statistics and examples of our SHAE alumni/ae to prove how degrees in the liberal arts and education fields are helping our students develop exciting careers and find success in a variety of graduate schools.  SHAE faculty and staff are committed to ensuring that following your passions in college becomes a road for your future success. Come join us!

–– Dean Cynthia Scheinberg