Architecture Scholarships and Awards

Admission Scholarships and Institutional Aid

As part of our comprehensive financial aid packaging, Roger Williams University offers institutionally-supported merit scholarships, grants, and other aid at the time of admission at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. All students are considered for merit-based scholarships, with no separate application required.

Undergraduate Admission (For students seeking bachelor's degree study)

Undergraduate merit scholarships are renewable all four years as long as students remain in good academic standing. Undergraduate students who maintain a 3.6 GPA or higher at the end of each academic year will also receive a $1,000 Academic Excellence Award credited toward the following year’s tuition. For students outside of New England, travel grants are also available.

Graduate Admission (For students seeking master's degree study)

Incoming Architecture and Preservation Practices master’s students with a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 will automatically receive a merit scholarship. Awards increase with higher grade point averages. All students regardless of undergraduate GPA will receive a $4,000 paid assistantship or internship as part of the Career Investment Program. Limited travel grants are also available for students outside of the area visiting RWU prior to making an enrollment decision. 

Endowed Scholarships

The Cummings School of Architecture offers several need-based endowed scholarship funds, which are available to students across multiple levels of study.

Daniel Kwasniewski ’92 Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to an incoming first year Architecture student over four years of study, in memory of Daniel Kwasniewski, an Architecture alumnus and long time adjunct faculty member.

Paul Arris Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to a third-year Architecture student, in memory of Paul Arris, who studied Architecture at Roger Williams

Zachary Shapiro ’05 Study Abroad Fund
Awarded to an undergraduate Architecture student for study abroad, in memory of Zachary Shapiro ’05, whose study abroad experience was a transformative part of his education here.

Kaestle Boos Associates Scholarship
Awarded to a student entering the Master of Architecture program, through gifts from Kaestle Boos Associates Architects

Raj Saksena Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to a student entering the Master of Architecture program, who has achieved high quality work in sustainability and abilities with housing. In memory of Raj Saksena, FAIA, founding Dean of the School of Architecture

Scholarship List
In addition, the Cummings School of Architecture distributes to all students a Scholarships List each semester, which summarizes externally funded scholarships that students in each of our programs may be eligible for. The list is updated each semester, enabling students to track local and national scholarship opportunities for which they may be eligible. Architecture students in particular should be aware that chapters of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) fund scholarships annually to students studying in NAAB-Accredited and pre-professional Architecture programs, in the states where the chapters are located, and for students from the state where the chapter is located who are studying in other US locations.


Each year the Cummings School of Architecture recognizes student achievement through awards for students studying in each of our majors. These awards originate from a variety of sources: some created within the school, others in collaboration with external partners, or as recognitions sponsored by national organizations. 

BS in Architecture Awards
Evan A. Lautz Memorial First Year Design Award 
Recognizing design excellence, in memory of Evan A. Lautz, who studied Architecture at Roger Williams, and was himself a winner of the First Year Design Award in 2018.

First Year Design Commendations
Recognizing outstanding achievement in first year design studio

Second Year Design Award 
Recognizing design excellence in second year design studio

Second Year Design Commendations 
Recognizing outstanding achievement in second year design studio

Senior Academic Excellence 
Recognizing the top graduating student(s) in the BS in Architecture program

Master of Architecture Awards
AIA Medal of Excellence
The AIA Medal for Academic Excellence is awarded to the top-ranking graduate in each architecture program accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board

Alpha Rho Chi Medal
This bronze medal is awarded annually to a graduating student at each accredited school of architecture in the United States and Canada, who has shown ability for leadership, performed willing service for her or his school, and gives promise of real professional merit through her or his character and accomplishments.

Master of Architecture Thesis Honor Award, Thesis Awards and Commendations
The three categories of Thesis Awards recognize outstanding work by an Architecture graduate student completing their yearlong thesis investigation.

The Thesis Honor Award is the highest award, given to a student who has demonstrated excellence in every aspect from the formulation of thesis statement to its presentation in visual form at the end of the year. The award is given to a project that challenges the normative, imagines new possibilities for architecture in an evolving society, and demonstrates a clear vision and the technical and artistic means to communicate the project to the larger community.

The Thesis Award is given to a student whose project demonstrates excellence, shows clear intention, and is executed with the utmost talent and ability, and communicates an important message about the possibilities of the meaning of architecture to the world at large.

Thesis Commendations are given to the best projects that demonstrate excellence in their conception and execution, showing us clear architectural vision and technical capabilities at the highest level.    

Edward Allen Student Award        
The Edward Allen Student Award is the highest honor given by the Building Technology Educators’ Society (BTES) recognizing students–who over their academic career–have demonstrated commitment, passion, curiosity, and excellence in the integration of building technology and architectural design.        

Tremco Sustainable Practices Prize     
The Tremco Sustainable Practices Prize is awarded annually to a Master of Architecture student who has demonstrated technical excellence, innovation, practical efficiency and sustainability, through support from Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance, Cleveland and Toronto.

Tau Sigma Delta Bronze Medal        
The Bronze Medal is awarded by the individual chapters of Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society to students, as selected by their peers, who have distinguished themselves in design in the field of architecture, landscape architecture, or the allied arts

BA in Art and Architectural History Awards 

Academic Excellence
Recognizing the top graduating student(s) in the BA in Art and Architectural History program

BS in Preservation Studies Awards

Senior Academic Excellence 
Recognizing the top graduating student(s) in the BS in Preservation Studies program

Community Service
Recognizing notable student contributions to the community

MS in Preservation Practices Awards

Academic Excellence
Recognizing the top graduating student(s) in the MS in Preservation Practices program 

Community Service
Recognizing notable student contributions to the community