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Roger Life: Horizons Broadened at RWU, They’re Teaching in Spain After Graduation

By Anna Cohen
side by side images of Theresa Cerullo and Amanda Rosadio
Theresa Cerullo '21 at the 2021 Student Academic Showcase and Honors, left, and Amanda Rosadio '21 on an RWU trip to Barcelona during last year's Winter Intersession.

After graduation, Educational Studies majors Theresa Cerullo '21 and Amanda Rosadio '21 will be teaching English in Spain. They are both excited to live in a foreign country, improve their Spanish, and apply what they learned during their time at Roger. 

Experiencing Different Cultures: “Working with international students at RWU helped me to understand language barriers and different cultural backgrounds. I’ve worked with the Intercultural Center for almost 3 years now. I helped run the program for English Language Assistants. We helped students on campus with their English skills, from conversation skills to help in the classroom,” Cerullo said. 

Inspired by a School Trip: “Last year during Winter Break I went on a school trip to study abroad in Spain and Morocco. I’m a homebody, I only live an hour from Roger, and I never go far away. I wasn’t nervous at all in Spain. I really loved it and realized I wanted to live and work there one day,” said Rosadio. 

Guidance From Professors: “The Education Department helped me tremendously. There are so many professors within the department who helped me broaden my horizons and learn what I am interested in. I am very grateful to them for helping me figure out where I want to go,” said Cerullo. 

Learning from Experience: “In the Educational Studies program, we learn from experience and try new things. I’ve learned a of valuable skills like best practices in education and how to work with kids. The internships that were required prepared me for this. I want to use everything I’ve learned and be successful,” said Rosadio. 

Cerullo, from Millis, Mass., and Rosadio, from Milford, Mass., both will be working as English Language and Culture Assistants in Madrid after graduation, through CIEE Teach Abroad. 

Roger Life Stories