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Roger Life: Double Major Well Equipped for Law School

By Anna Cohen
image of Jillian Houle

So far this spring, Jillian Houle ’21, has received a full-tuition scholarship to Pace University, acceptance to Lewis and Clark University, and is waiting to hear back from five schools. She says her two majors, Legal Studies and Philosophy, are “the best pairing possible” to prepare for law school.

Learning Invaluable Skills: “My Legal Methods courses taught me how to write legal documents, which are invaluable skills. I went into my practicum already knowing how to do everything my boss asked me to do. I learned very practical skills with the freedom to write about anything I wanted, so I could apply it to my passions.”

Better Equipped for Law School: “My Philosophy courses really challenged me. They have become some of my favorite memories. When I made a breakthrough in philosophy and understood a concept, it brightened my day. All the logic classes I had broadened my scope and my horizons indefinitely. I am a lot better equipped now to go to law school.”

Getting Involved Helps Academics: “We have so many clubs and organizations at our school, you can’t do all of them, so you have to choose the ones you are most passionate about. Getting involved in music, soccer, and other clubs has affected my academics in a positive way. Being on a schedule and having only a certain amount of time to do my work makes me get it done.” 

Houle, from Hudson, N.H., plans to study Environmental Law. 


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Roger Life Stories