ENRICHri Home-Schooling Families Can Now Enroll Children in RWU School of Continuing Studies

Dual enrollment will supplement home-schooling curriculum and let students complete college courses while in high school

By Edward Fitzpatrick
Son and mother apply to School of Continuing Studies on computer.
Alex Pedini, left, and his mother, Marcia Sirois, apply on Aug. 23 to take his first class at the School of Continuing Studies at RWU’s Providence campus.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. ­­– Children in the ENRICHri home-schooling community will have the opportunity to take classes at the Roger Williams University School of Continuing Studies for the first time this fall, supplementing their home-school curriculum and allowing them to complete college courses before finishing high school.

ENRICHri families will be able to take classes at RWU’s Providence campus at the discounted rate of $750 for a three-credit course. Students will be eligible to receive the full range of School of Continuing Studies services, including tutors, academic advisers, access to computer labs and internship opportunities. Students may begin as early as middle school (by taking online classes).

“We are very happy to be partnering with ENRICHri and working with their families,” said Jamie E. Scurry, dean of the RWU School of Continuing Studies. “This partnership extends the dual enrollment opportunities the School of Continuing Studies provides to other high school students throughout the state. Welcoming home-schooled students into our programs ensures that all students and their families have access to dual enrollment opportunities and exploring their intellectual interests.”

“ENRICHri is pleased to be developing a relationship with Roger Williams University,” said Jenn Curtis, a member of ENRICHri’s Public Relations Committee. “The dual enrollment benefit offered to ENRICHri families will greatly expand opportunities to our students, allowing them access to an additional pathway while working toward their educational goals.”

ENRICHri is an inclusive, non-religious organization that provides support, friendship and guidance for home-schooling families in Southern New England and promotes home schooling within the greater community. ENRICHri will achieve this purpose through promoting the development of a supportive home-schooling community for parents and children, providing opportunities for relevant, affordable, real-world learning and group home-schooling opportunities, and advocating for our members in the community.

To apply, go to: https://scs.rwu.edu/admissions/apply: Select “Visiting Student” and the term you wish to take classes. Search course offerings at: https://scs.rwu.edu/admissions/registration.

For more information, contact Veronica LaPlante, Resource Specialist, Roger Williams University, School of Continuing Studies, 1 Empire Plaza, 327 Providence, RI 02903-3309. Phone: (401) 254-3325. Email: vlaplante@rwu.edu.

For more information about ENRICHri, go to: www.enrichri.org, or write to: info@enrichri.org.