Graduate Program Ambassador (Volunteer/Paid)

A hybrid volunteer/paid opportunity for students who wish to give back to other students.

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Position Description

The Office of Graduate Admission is assembling a team of Graduate Program Ambassadors (GPAs) to assist with outreach to prospective students, serve as regular resources for contact from incoming students, and participate in graduate recruitment events. GPAs will be selected to represent their respective graduate program.

Unlike other work positions on campus, this role is not an hourly role. Regular participation is expected and it is assumed that students will choose to participate in this program for both altruistic and financial reasons. Students regularly share that the interactions they had with current graduate students played a significant role in supporting them through the enrollment process. Students who participate in the GPA role will have an interest in helping others as they will be vital resources to future graduate students at RWU. The program will provide students with opportunities to gain vital skills in customer service, marketing, and related areas, while also earning a small credit to the Campus Bookstore. 


Ambassadors will be expected to serve as a public resource to prospective graduate students throughout the graduate search, application, and yield process. In addition to serving as a resource on their respective degree program, Ambassadors will be asked to serve as a resource for students who look to connect with certain needs (i.e. finding housing or balancing work and school) or specific affinity groups.

Ambassador roles and responsibilities may include the following:

  • Serve as an ongoing resource to prospective graduate students from initial inquiry through enrollment, with contact information made available on the Graduate Program Ambassador website and provided to prospective students. 
    • Ambassadors will be expected to respond to prospective student requests for phone calls, virtual meetings, or campus visits (volume may vary and will be reviewed regularly).
    • Ambassadors will be trained on Slate and expected to log communications as appropriate.
  • Connect over phone or email with all newly admitted students, at a set interval, to serve as a resource as students make their decision to enroll.
  • Create ad hoc and/or scheduled video messages to connect with prospective students, as needed.
  • Participate in individual campus visits as requested by the Office of Graduate Admission and faculty. 
  • Participate in official graduate recruitment events including, but not limited to, Graduate Open Houses, virtual information sessions, and Accepted Students Days. 
  • Write a minimum of one blog post or article per semester at the direction of the Office of Graduate Admission.
  • Support other graduate student recruitment efforts, as available, at the request of the Office of Graduate Admission.
  • The hours and needs of the role will vary over time.


  • Ambassadors will receive a $300 Campus Bookstore credit to be used at their discretion for each semester of service as a GPA. 
  • GPAs will receive apparel and/or other promotional GPA materials. 
  • Formal and informal optional training on customer service, communications, marketing, and other related areas.
  • The opportunity to gain a resume-building experience helping students and giving back to the University.  


To be considered for the Graduate Program Ambassador program, students must be actively enrolled in an RWU graduate degree program and making satisfactory academic progress (3.0 cumulative GPA or higher). Students with an active academic probation or disciplinary action may be removed from the Ambassador program.  

Students who hold other employment on campus are eligible to serve concurrently as Graduate Program Ambassadors. 

Placement Term

Students will be asked to serve a minimum of one year as a Graduate Program Ambassador. Students who will graduate in the middle of an academic year may be considered. Continued appointments may also be considered with satisfactory service and an annual review at the discretion of the Office of Graduate Admission.  

Application Instructions

Applicants must submit their interest in serving as a Graduate Program Ambassador to Leanda Miranda at Please include a brief statement on why you believe you would be a strong Graduate Program Ambassador. The total number of appointments will vary by academic program.