Real Estate Symposium

- District Hall in Providence Rhode IslandRegistration Required

Location: District Hall, Providence, RI

Date: April 25, 2024
Start Time: 11:30 AM
End Time: 5:00 PM

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Program will include lunch, keynotes and panel discussions and networking reception.

At Roger Williams University’s Cummings Institute for Real Estate, real estate is studied as the complex and ubiquitous world that it is. Most people think of Real Estate as buying or selling a home or a developer undertaking a major reshaping of one’s community. Real estate is all of that, of course, but it is so much more. It is everywhere that we live, work and play. It is the land and the buildings and the infrastructure that connects it all and makes it all function.

In 2024, five years after the COVID-19 pandemic first changed the way the world conducts business, the real estate industry braces against the possibility of a significant market downturn. Undervaluation of assets by lending authorities in capital markets combined with higher interest rates loom threateningly over commercial, residential, and retail sectors of the real estate industry. Office space vacancy rates are at an all-time high as employees demand more of the remote and hybrid working opportunities that were a necessity during the pandemic. Across the nation, a crisis in affordable housing persists, yet local, state, and federal regulations stimy development in impacted communities. The world has changed, and real estate cannot subscribe to a business-as-usual philosophy. How well equipped is the industry to adjust to this continuing reality? 

At the Roger Williams University Cummings Institute for Real Estate, we believe in confronting concerns like these head on. What will the real estate industry look like in the next year? Or the next five years? How will dramatic cap rate fluctuations impact current asset portfolios? At the second annual real estate symposium, our speakers and panel experts will recall past industry challenges, ponder current trends, and predict future opportunities as they discuss this year’s topic:  "The Real Estate Industry in 2024—Challenges, ramifications, and strategies". If you are a real estate professional working in development, architecture, construction management, and or sales, this is an invaluable opportunity for you to connect with an informed network of colleagues and discuss strategies for moving forward towards higher returns.

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