Hidden Truths: Reporting Impacted Geographies of Environmental Justice in South America

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In "Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Reporting Impacted Geographies of Environmental Justice in South America," Paola Prado, Associate Professor of Journalism at RWU, will present a critique of news coverage of environmental justice issues, arguing for a more complicated assessment of systemic inequalities that impact how the news media reports environmental risk and climate change. From the Chilean Andes to the Amazonian rainforest, this conversation will examine the hidden truth about neo-extractive practices that power our 21st-century lifestyle, and their toll on Indigenous and other minoritized populations in the global south. 

The yearlong series presents important conversations on the marginalized stories of our local area, and its complicated history with Indigenous peoples, the slave trade, environmental justice and immigration, and how these issues surface as present day disparities and systemic racial inequities. For more information on the series and the full schedule of events, visit Hidden Truths: Stories of Race and Place.