Harvey Ussach

Harvey Ussach Adjunct Professor, Writing Studies, Rhetoric, and Composition

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MA in Print Journalism

Harvey Ussach teaches Introduction to Academic Writing and How Writing Works.

He has been at Roger Williams University since 2006, in college teaching since 1998, and in journalism since getting an MA from American University, Washington D.C. His political writing has appeared in Ralph Nader reports, the Washington Post, and articles and op-ed columns in the New Bedford Standard Times, weekly newspapers, and magazines. 

Along life's road, he owned a camera and film processing store in Union City, NJ, and a small film company in NYC which produced several short, comedic festival films. He managed other retail businesses, so he knows a thing or two about workplace writing, listening, and speaking skills, which he summarized in the 2014 short manual TECHNICAL WRITING IN THE WORKPLACE, published by Kendall-Hunt.

Mr. Ussach is the author of eleven table-read, staged, or fully produced one-act plays, and likes listening to jazz and classical music.