David Gillespie

David Gillespie
David GillespieAdjunct Professor

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(401) 751-3433dgillespie@rwu.edu


B.A, M.A.

Dave has worked at RWU since the early 1990’s, teaching all levels of writing courses, including day, night, and online, as well as being a Faculty Tutor at the Writing Center for more than twenty years.  In class, he believes in active learning, using a variety of collaborative activities that require students to learn by doing and by teaching each other.  He also stresses examples, supplying his own models to each writing assignment, because he wants to show students clear and specific essays, letters, and reports, as well as to highlight that writing is important to him.

His most recent publications are a peer-reviewed article, “Grammar Jam: A Creative Editing Tactic,” in the Prompt  (2018); a chapter (“Generating Ideas with Visuals”) in the WTNG 225 textbook (2022); and his “Matthew Diggerson Mystery” series: Rules to Die By (2016), Planning to Die (2017), Marked for Murder (2018), The Dart of Persuasion (2019), Ominous Outcomes (2020), and the final tale, Beginnings and Endings (2022).  The series involves a composition teacher forced to turn sleuth due to murders at a New England college campus that the RWU community might almost recognize.