Bernardo H. Motta

Bernardo H. MottaAssociate Professor of Journalism

Contact Information

bmotta@rwu.eduGlobal Heritage Hall

Areas of Expertise

Environmental justice journalism, law and policy; Community-driven humanistic journalism; Investigative reporting; Freedom of the press, media law and community-right-to-know laws; Critical pragmatism in journalism and justice education.

Bernardo H. Motta is an Associate professor at Roger Williams University. A former environmental lawyer from Brazil, Motta is interested in researching, practicing, and teaching better ways to do journalism, including community-driven, empowerment, solutions, social justice and restorative approaches to reporting. Motta also teaches and researches topics in environmental justice, media law, community right-to-know laws, critical pragmatism in education and journalism education and history. 

Motta is currently a 2021 Solutions Journalism LEDE Fellow developing a community-driven solutions journalism news service in Rhode Island.