Messages from Deans to the Class of 2020

Gena Bianco, J.D.

On behalf of the RWU|University College administration, faculty, and staff, it is my pleasure to congratulate our graduates.  

I am certain, as you look back, you will see that there is a long and winding path that has led you to this moment. We know that our graduating class has overcome extraordinary circumstances to forge that path and arrive today as a graduate.

This is a time for all of us to celebrate and honor your accomplishments. As you move forward into your careers and life-long journeys, remember that your path continues, know that you can accomplish anything, and do great things with the knowledge you have acquired.   

Remember Graduates, you are forever part of our RWU UC community.  Congratulations class of 2020!

GreensteinBenjamin J. Greenstein, Ph.D.

To the School of Social and Natural Sciences: You will forever be known as the Class of COVID-19. I encourage you to embrace that label: you were resilient and met a historic challenge with great aplomb. The character you displayed while doing so will serve you for the rest of your life. Congratulations.


McTiernanSusan McTiernan

 I am more proud of you than words can really articulate.  While the class of 2020 has always been special, you really are an exceptional group of individuals, all rising to the challenges of dealing with multiple dimensions of the unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic.  We missed you in our building these last several weeks, but you have shown adaptability, resiliency and good humor that will stand you in good stead as you begin to chart your professional lives.  I know you are headed for great success in the future.  Congratulations on your many achievements and please keep in touch with us!


PotterRobert A. Potter, Jr., Ph.D., P.E.

On behalf of the staff and faculty of the School of Engineering, Computing and Construction Management it is my great pleasure to offer you our congratulations on your graduation from Roger Williams University. It is been our privilege to assist you on your journey from high school graduate to credentialed, young professionals. We will truly miss you but look forward to learning of your successes as you move through your career.


CScheinbergDr. Cynthia Scheinberg

Dear 2020 Graduates of the School of Humanities, Arts and Education:

Salutations and Congratulations! While not the graduation you expected, we still need to celebrate the immense importance your graduation from the School of Humanities, Arts and Education at Roger Williams University. As SHAE students, you have a special mission: to ensure the continuing life of the arts, humanities and education in a world so in need of your creative gifts, your teaching commitments, and your dedication to the study of ideas, performing and visual arts, histories, languages, literatures and communication considered broadly. These commitments would be important in any year; this year, your passions for the arts, humanities and education are even more crucial: to remind a struggling world  how central those areas of life are for sustaining people and communities. I am so proud and grateful for your achievements. Onward!

SWhiteStephen White, AIA

The extraordinary situation the world is in now is marking us all. Who you have become through the work you’ve done and relationships you’ve made, to build and to preserve, over your time at Roger Williams offers sustaining hope and promise for the immediate days ahead, and as well as our longer futures. All of us who remain at the school thank you for what you have contributed here! This will always be your community. Your continued development as designers and stewards of the environment will provide a foundation for all of us going forward.


Eric F. Bronson, Ph.D.

Dear Graduate:

Congratulations on completing your degree in the School of Justice Studies at Roger Williams University! Graduation is a time to share your success not only with fellow students, but also with family and friends who have supported you on your academic journey.  Not only did you finish the requirements for your degree but it was done during unprecedented circumstances.  Please know, that we are extremely proud of all that you have accomplished.  Virtually walking across the stage to receive your diploma may mark the end of your undergraduate career at Roger Williams University, but it is just the beginning of your path to future success.

As a member of the Roger Williams University community, you will continue to have access to resources to create opportunities and achieve success through networking and career services. Our alumni consist of a special group that shares not only a common past, but a connection that extends far into the future. As you find success in whatever path you take, I encourage you to seek ways to serve your community so that those who follow in your footsteps may have the same opportunity to succeed that you have had. 

I wish we had the opportunity to celebrate your accomplishments in person.  All the best in your post-graduation endeavors.