'Knowledge is power,' says UC Adjunct Professor Nancy Kubic, MSW, LICSW


Nancy Kubic, MSW, LICSW, UC Adjunct Professor

Nancy Kubic, MSW, LICSW, bring her experience over two decades as a social worker to her teaching at UC. 

“I’ve always had a passion for teaching,” she said. “Even with my clients, I think knowledge is power. I provide psycho-education for my clients so they understand the dynamics that might be fueling some of their challenges, so it was a natural and easy fit to teach students. I help students understand what they need to know to work with people in the field.” 

Kubic started at UC teaching Counseling Theory and Skills, and has expanded her course offerings across the themes of policy, gerontology, mental health, and more. During her 14 years at UC, she has seen students graduate, go on to earn Master’s degrees, and find success in their careers. 

“It is great to see students succeeding and following their passion. So many of them have such amazing dedication and devotion to the mental health and medical fields. It is great to see that and feel a lot of confidence that there is a generation of very knowledgeable people working out there,” she said. 

Kubic folds examples she’s experienced from her professional career into her teaching, preparing her students to navigate their own careers in healthcare. 

“Real-life experience and examples make the class work more interesting and more real,” Kubic said. 

Kubic reports that every semester of teaching still gets her excited. Working with different students, building relationships, and sharing ideas keep her experience as a teacher engaging and interesting. 

“The semesters are made by the students. I have had classes where honestly, I’m as thrilled and excited to go to class and as eager as my students are to learn about the content. The students are intelligent and curious and bring in their own worlds of knowledge that make the content fresh again for me,” she said.