Celebrating our 2023 Graduates

Marketing Major Lands Role with Wieden+Kennedy, Firm Known for Nike Ads

By Melanie Thibeault
A headshot of S. Isaiah Braithwaite

S. Isaiah Braithwaite ’23, a Marketing major and Cultural Studies minor, has secured a Brand Strategy Residency for global advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy, known for its work with Nike, in their New York office. Braithwaite was one of 50 college seniors selected from across the U.S. to participate in the American Advertising Federation’s Most Promising Multicultural Students program, where he spent four weeks in New York City this February meeting top advertising professionals. 

Networking with Industry Leaders: “I’m relatively new to advertising, and I wanted to learn from people working in the industry. There were a lot of really exciting panelists (at the Most Promising Multicultural Students program). I was walking up to recruiters and asking about what paths people can take. I gained a lot of knowledge, which probably wouldn’t have happened without this experience. I’m really grateful for that.” 

The Advantages of NSAC: “The National Student Advertising Competition was the first time I felt at home in an academic setting. Studying Marketing, I didn’t know what lane I wanted to be in. Professor (Gerry) Matos showed me that advertising was a lane, and I really liked it. Working as a leader on NSAC was intense and a lot of work. I loved it. Working on an advertising campaign has given me a different outlook on the work.”  

Learning to Lead: “If I was at a larger school with more people, I probably wouldn’t have been as open to joining NSAC and taking on leadership roles. Being at Roger served me really well. I was able to take chances, explore, and discover myself. Running the Barbershop Club’s Fashion Show was the most responsibility I’ve taken on. I learned how important the people around you are.”  

Braithwaite, of West Glover, Vt., is a past president of the Barbershop Club. 

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Celebrating our 2023 Graduates